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Using Quick View

Quick View allows your customers to see more details about a product and add it to their cart without having to go to the individual product page, leading to a more fluid checkout flow. Enabling and disabling, and customizing this feature differs, based on the theme applied to the store. 

Example of the Quick View feature on a BigCommerce store.


Quick View on Stencil Themes

Quick View is enabled by default on all Stencil themes. It can be adjusted under the Store Design editor. The steps outlined here are written for the Cornerstone theme. If you are unable to find this setting in Store Design, check your theme's developer documention.

1. Go to Storefront › My Themes, then click Customize to launch the Store Design editor.

2. Click to expand the Products menu, and scroll down to Display settings.

3. Uncheck the box next to Show quickview button on product cards.

4. Click Save to save your changes, then click Publish to update the storefront theme.

You can customize the button's colors by using the Store Design editor and by editing the theme files directly.


Quick View Settings for Legacy Blueprint Themes

Enabling/Disabling Quick View

1. Go to Store Setup › Store Settings, then click the Display tab.

2. Scroll down to Quick View Settings.

3. Check or uncheck the box next to Yes, enable the "Quick View" button when a shopper mouses over a product photo.

4. Save your changes.

quick view settings in store settings, on the display tab.

Customizing the Quick View Button

In the Quick View Settings area, you can choose to edit the colors used on the button. These fields require you to enter the colors in hexadecimal format, so using a color picker to find hex color codes might be useful. There are three color fields available to customize: button color, gradient color, and text color.

You can also change the button text from the default "Quick View" to something else.


Note: This feature is not supported on all themes, as some themes require CSS customization to update the quick view button's styling.

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