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Using Sale Pricing

When a Sale Price is set on a product, that value is used in place of Price for all shoppers who visit the store. Using Sale price is great if you have a handful of products on sale since it has to be done on a per product basis. We suggest using Discounts Rules if you want to easily put multiple items on sale. 

Product option prices rules that are Fixed are not affected by Sale Price.

Manually Setting a Sale Price

1. Go to ProductsView, and edit the product you want to apply the Sale Price to.

2. Click More Pricing on the Details tab.

Click More Pricing on the Details tab

3. You will see three additional pricing fields. Enter the sale price into the Sale Price field. This will have the sale price display instead of your product's regular price.

4. Enter the regular price or retail price into the Retail Price field to display it next to the sale price.


Why don't I see the sale price in red? Some themes do not support this feature or may treat the sale price differently than others. If you want to see the visual differences in price, get in touch with a partner or check in our Community for assistance.

5. Save your changes.

Setting a Sale Price in Bulk

1. Create a custom export template. Name it Sale Template. It should contain only the following fields:

  • Product ID
  • Product Name
  • Category String
  • Sale Price
  • Retail Price

2. Export your products, selecting Sale Template under Template.

3. Open your product export CSV in a spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Excel. You may want to edit a copy of the original so that you have a backup.

4. Enter the sale price of each item under the Sale Price column. If desired, enter your retail price in the Retail Price column.
Sale Template

5. Re-import your products, selecting Bulk Edit Re-import. When the import is complete, they will display the sale price.

Deleting the Sale Price

When your sale is over, you can erase the sale prices in bulk. You must be using the Sale Template described above before completing these steps, or you may delete unrecoverable product information.

1. Export your products using Sale Template as your template.

2. Delete your sale prices from the Sale Price column. You can also delete your retail prices from the Retail Price column if desired.

3. Re-import your edited CSV. You will need to uncheck the Ignore Blanks column.


Be careful! Unchecking Ignore Blanks will delete any tables left blank for columns in the spreadsheet. In this case, it will allow you to delete the sale prices. Be careful not to have any other blank columns.

4. Check your products. They will no longer contain a sale price.

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