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Using Sale Pricing

When Sale Price is set on a product, that value will override Price on the storefront. This is a quick and easy way to markdown prices on a handful of products. For placing entire brands or categories on sale, we recommend using Cart-Level Discounts.

Animation showing updating Sale Price in the control panel and the result on the storefront


Setting Sale Price for a Single Product

Go to ProductsView and edit a product, then click More Pricing next to Price.

Enter the Sale Price to be used instead of Price. Since it's optional, you can remove it later and the product will go back to using Price.


Setting Sale Price for Multiple Products in Bulk

Sale Price is an importable/exportable field when updating products with a CSV file. See Importing/Exporting Products for more information.

If you have a large number of products to update or plan on changing Sale Price on a regular basis, we recommend using a custom export template with just the product fields that you need.

Price, Retail Price and Sale Price in a spreadsheet



How does Sale Price work with product option pricing rules?

Product option prices rules that are Fixed are not affected by Sale Price.

How do I show a strikethrough on the original price?

Adding a MSRP (Retail Price) will show it with a strikethrough, and will display the difference (amount saved) between the retail price and regular price (or Sale Price if entered).

MSRP (Retail Price) and Sale Price highlighted under More Pricing

MSRP (Retail Price) shown with strikeout "You Save" amount on storefront

Can I show multiple strikethrough prices?

Some themes can also show the Default Price with a strikeout. For these themes, adding MSRP (Retail Price) is optional.

This gives you even more control over how the price is presented on the storefront. Showing a price has been marked down multiple levels can help encourage buyer confidence that they are getting the best price, and reinforce that "Now" is the best time to make a purchase.

Currently, this feature is only supported by Cornerstone 1.16+. You can consult with your theme developer to make an update to utilize the feature. You can also modify your template yourself, but this requires knowledge of Stencil and customizing HTML templates.

New strikethrough pricing on the latest version of Cornerstone theme.

How do I show an "On sale" badge for products on sale?

Some themes (like Cornerstone) have this functionality built into the theme editor. See Stencil Theme for more information.

Sale badge highlighted in the Stencil Theme Editor

Can I show a time limit/countdown for my sale?

BigCommerce doesn't support this natively. Try searching for "countdown" or "timer" in the BigCommerce app store.

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