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Using the "Ask a Design Partner" Community Group

The Ask a Design Partner Community group is a resource for getting assistance with your store’s design. You can post requests large or small and get help from certified BigCommerce Design & Solution Partners. If you are looking to do things yourself, you can also ask design related questions. Make sure your posts follow our Community Code of Conduct.


Don't forget to log in! To post in the Ask a Design Partner group, you have to login to the BigCommerce Community. See Logging into the Community for instructions on creating an account for the Community.


Finding the Group

The Ask a Design Partner area is located under groups. You can view and search the groups to find a solution without logging in. However, to participate in the community, you must be logged in.

Visit the BigCommerce Community and click on Groups in the navigation.

Groups tab

In the list of groups, click on Ask a Design Partner.

Ask a partner group

You must be logged in you can create a new post, reply to a post or Join the group.


Creating a Design Request

To ensure that your request or question is handled efficiently, the following information must be included in the post:

  • Your store’s URL (e.g.
  • The name of your Theme - You can find this by going to Storefront Design › My Themes
  • A description of your request. The more details the better. 
  • When asking a question, a descriptive and specific title is best. A post like "Please Help" is less likely to be noticed or addressed. 

Example Post

The more details you can provide, the easier it is for the design partner to understand the request and provide solutions.  


How do I know if I get a response? Responses to your post will send an email with a link back to your post. Click the link to get back to your post and respond.

To help others who may be searching for a similar solution, don't forget to mark a response as Best Answer.

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