Getting Started with the Control Panel

The control panel is your store's command center. It's where you can:

  • set up, configure, and launch your store
  • manage orders, products, and customers
  • change your store's theme and customize its design
  • access sales and marketing reports
  • and more...

Getting Started

Control Panel navigation and Dashboard

  1. Both the Dashboard link and the BigCommerce logo will return you to your control panel's dashboard. The Search box will search through your store's products, orders, and customers.
  2. Navigation links (like orders, products, customers) are listed top to bottom on the left of the screen. Click these links to go a level deeper and access more options. Depending on your screen size, it may be necessary to maximize your browser window, set your browser's zoom to 100%, or scroll in order to see all links in the left navigation.
  3. Help shows you your Support PIN (if logged in as the store owner) and provides links to the BigCommerce Support Portal, Community Forum, Email Support, and Live Chat. Live Chat is selectable only when there are available chat agents, and will display as Online or Offline. Getting Started is a checklist of key tasks to get your store up and running. It's shown for new stores before they're launched and is available here post-launch.
  4. User Actions, like Update profile, Change password, and Log out are listed under your store and user name at the bottom of the left navigation. Click the arrow to expand the menu. If you are logged in as the store owner user, your store's Support Pin is also displayed. Click your store name to open your store's homepage in a new tab.
  5. The Dashboard is the homepage of the control panel. It displays notifications for store events and includes sections for Store Performance, Store Statistics, Orders, and Spotlight.


The top of the dashboard shows notifications and store alerts/events like new order messages and pending reviews.

The top of the dashboard shows notifications and store alerts/events

Store Performance — This section shows how your store data is trending over time. You can view store metrics for the current day, week, month or year. You can also compare data from the currently selected time period to the previous time period (e.g. March to February) or year (e.g. March 2017 to March 2016).

Store Statistics — This section shows your store’s all-time totals for orders, customers, products, and categories.


Permission is required view Store Performance and Statistics data. To see Store Performance data in the dashboard, your user must have the Store Overview Report (stores using BigCommerce Analytics) or the Store Overview (stores using Classic Analytics) permission enabled. To see Store Statistics, your user must have at least one of the following permissions enabled: Manage Products, Manage Orders, Manage Customers, Manage Categories.

Orders — This section shows your store’s most recent orders. In addition, you can toggle to see the most recent orders with a pending, completed, or refunded status. View more links to your store’s full orders list.

Spotlight — This section highlights news and announcements to help you grow your business. Our algorithms are being constantly improved to make the information here increasingly relevant to your business.

Customizing the Dashboard

Each section can be turned on/off and reordered using the gear icon in the top right. Each user can customize their own dashboard without impacting the others.

Drag and drop sections to change the order in which they appear in the dashboard

To show/hide a section, click the checkbox next to it.

To move a section, click and drag the grip icon to the right of the section name.

Navigation Hierarchy




Storefront Content



Channel Manager

Storefront Design


Store Setup

Account Settings

Advanced Settings

Server Settings


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