Printing Packing Slips

BigCommerce gives you the ability to print a physical copy of the packing slip for your customers’ shipments. You can use this for your own record keeping, or for inclusion with the shipment sent to the customer.

Printing a Single Packing Slip

1. Go to OrdersView.

2. Click action to the right of the order, then select Print Packing Slip.

Select Print Packing Slip from the action dropdown

3. Your browser’s print dialog box will appear. Adjust any settings, then print your invoice.

Some merchants choose to remove their logo from their printed materials to save on printer ink costs. See Removing Your Logo from Your Store's Invoices and Packing Slips for more information.

Printing Packing Slips in Bulk

1. From the View Orders screen, check the box to the left of all orders you want to print a packing slip for.

2. Select Print Packing Slips for Selected from the Choose an action dropdown menu.

Print packing slips in bulk by checking orders, selecting "Print Packing Slips for Selected", then clicking confirm

3. Click Confirm. When your browser’s print dialog box appears, adjust any settings, then print your packing slips.

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