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Editing Products

Products can be edited on at a time or in bulk via the control panel and CSV file import/export.


Edit a Product

1. Go to ProductsView.

2. Locate the product you would like to edit. Use the search box to find products.

3. Click the product's name to edit it. You can also click the Action icon and select Edit.

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Bulk Editing Products in the Control Panel

The following product details can be edited in bulk from within the control panel.

  • Product Name
  • SKU
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Stock
  • Categories
  • Visibility (enabled or disabled)
  • Featured Status (enabled or disabled)
  • Free Shipping Status (enabled or disabled)

If you're connected to additional marketplace channels like Amazon or eBay, your store is using the new, redesigned product list and will look slightly different. See The New Product List for more information.

1. Go to ProductsView.

2. Check the boxes next to the products you wish to edit. You may want to change how many products you're viewing, or use a custom search.

3. In the Actions dropdown, choose Bulk Edit Selected, then click Confirm.

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4. From here, you can change your product details.

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5. When you are done editing your products, click Save & Exit.

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