Cancelling Your Account

BigCommerce is committed to helping your ecommerce store succeed. If you are having difficulty using BigCommerce, please contact us for help. The BigCommerce support portal, BigCommerce University, and our blog are also invaluable resources for both using your BigCommerce store and growing your business.

Cancelling a Trial Store

There is no need to cancel a trial store. Your trial will automatically expire after the 15-day trial period, and you will never be billed for a trial store. We'll keep your data for a short amount of time — just choose a subscription plan to get your store up and running again. During this time, your customers won't be able to access your store, and you'll only be able to log in to choose a plan. After that, your store will be automatically deleted, and we'll no longer be able to restore it.

To upgrade an expired trial:

1. Go to

2. Enter your email address and password, then click Log in.

3. A message stating that your trial has expired will display. Click the Click here to upgrade your store link to select and upgrade to a paid plan.

We understand that you may need to cancel your paid BigCommerce plan for whatever reason.

1. Call us at the number listed below between 8am and 6pm CST Monday - Friday. Please remember to have your support PIN ready.

User-added image

2. Press 3 when prompted. If calling after 6pm CST, press 1.

3. Let us know that you'd like to cancel your store. Our Client Care team will walk you through any additional steps you need to complete. We'll take care of the rest!

If you prefer to cancel online or after business hours, please fill out our cancellation request form. Note that your form submission must include all required information or it will not be considered a valid request and your site will remain active.

Cancelling the Insights Report (BigCommerce Analytics)

To cancel the BigCommerce Analytics Insights Report, please contact our Billing team at 1-888-699-8911.

Other Things To Consider

Remember to back up the data in your store. Your data will be deleted after cancellation and will be unrecoverable.

Cancellations must be provided with proper notice as outlined in our Terms of Service .

Cancelling your paid store does not stop your domain name from auto-renewing if you purchased the domain name from BigCommerce. Please refer to the Terms of Service.

You have the option to keep your domain name with BigCommerce and point the nameservers elsewhere from within your Client Area. Note that doing so will impact any email accounts associated with your domain. Be sure to reach out to your new domain host for assistance with configuring your domain's MX records before making this change.

If you have a payment gateway, you should contact them separately about cancelling your service/agreement.

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