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Enabling Stored Credit Cards

Stored credit cards is a feature on some payment gateways that allows registered customers to securely store their credit card details for future purchases. This is a convenient way for shoppers to get through checkout quickly whenever they return to your store, improving conversions.




Customer Experience

When a customer is logged into your store, they will be able to save a credit card that they can use in future purchases. When they get to the payment method step they will see a checkbox to save the card they enter into the form.

Save card option

The next time they go through the checkout process, when they reach the payment method step, they will see a drop-down menu with their saved card or the option to enter in another card.

Saved Card menu


Activating Stored Credit Cards

To activate stored credit cards on your storefront, navigate to Store Setup › Payments. One of the required payment gateways must be set up. Click the tab to view its settings.

Card Storing Toggle

Scroll down to the toggle for Stored credit cards, turn it on and click Save.

This will turn on stored credit cards in BigCommerce. There may be additional steps based on your payment gateway.

In order to use for stored credit cards, merchants will need to sign up for the Customer Information Manager in the Dashboard. To learn more, see What is the Customer Information Manager (CIM).


Set Require CVV to Yes. A CVV number is required to store credit cards on You can find this setting under Store Setup › Payments in the tab.



CyberSource requires Card Tokenization on the merchant account. A merchant needs to contact CyberSource customer support and request this feature.


Security Features

All payment gateways that support Stored Credit Cards have security features to make sure the stored card is valid, such as requiring the CVV number of the card during checkout and using Trusted Shipping Addresses.

Trusted Shipping Addresses is a security feature that associates the stored card with the last known address used to ship a purchase. This can be used as an alternative to requiring the card's CVV number to help cut down the time it takes to complete checkout. This feature can be adjusted from the payment gateway's dashboard.

It is possible to use both Trusted Shipping Addresses and Require CVV at the same time. Keep in mind that if Require CVV is enabled in the payment gateway dashboard, it will also need to be enabled in the BigCommerce control panel in order to work properly.


Deleting Stored Credit Cards

Registered shoppers can delete their stored credit cards at the payments step during the checkout process. If they have one or more stored credit cards, they will see a link to Manage the stored credit cards. 

Manage Credit Cards

The manage card screen will show the cards that shopper has stored. To remove a stored credit card from the list, click Delete next to the card and click Yes, delete on the confirmation prompt.

Manage Card menu



Can I delete cards from my payment processor's customer management portal?

No. In order keep the customer records synchronized between your BigCommerce storefront and the provider’s vault all cards must be deleted from the BigCommerce storefront.

Deleting cards from the processor’s customer management will cause synchronization problems with your storefront, and prevent shoppers from being able to manage the affected cards.

To prevent issues, only shoppers should delete their cards during checkout.

Is storing credit cards PCI compliant?

Yes. Your BigCommerce store is NOT storing credit card information. The payment gateway stores this information which is in keeping with PCI compliance.

Is there anything that prevents a shopper from using a Stored Credit Card?

BigCommerce prevents shoppers from using a stored credit card if they have a non-physical item, such as Downloadable Products or Gift Certificates, in their order. This is a measure to prevent fraudulent transactions.

What if I don't see Stored credit cards as an option?

Make sure your store meets all the requirements. Stores on a Standard plan will need to upgrade to a Plus plan or higher.

Can I delete cards that have been stored?

Only shoppers can delete their stored cards.

Can stored credit cards be used on Manual Orders?

No, stored credit cards are only available to shoppers during checkout.

Do I need to continue to ask customers for a CVV?
The security standards for some payment gateways will require shoppers to enter their CVV every time. Braintree uses the feature Trusted Shipping Address as a security measure, removing the need to enter a CVV.

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