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Setting up Recurring Billing

Some products or services work well if they are bought over a period of time instead of all at once. Magazine subscriptions, monthly gift boxes or high priced items benefit from using a recurring billing method. Here we'll offer solutions for how to achieve this with your BigCommerce store.

What is Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing is when you charge on a regular schedule for a product or service.
The most obvious example would be adding a subscription to a product. The shopper will then receive that product on a schedule, for example once a month. The shopper is charged every month and gets this product every month.

Another example would be to offer something called a Layaway, in which a shopper pays for one item over a period of time. Once they complete the full payment, they receive the item. This can help make high priced items more accessible to more shoppers who may not feel comfortable spending a large sum of money at one time.

There are benefits for both merchants and shoppers with recurring billing. See the links in our Additional Resources for more information.

Recurring Billing with BigCommerce

While it is not possible to offer recurring billing natively in BigCommerce, we do offer apps in our App Marketplace that allow you to add this functionality to your store.

  • Paywhirl - Offer Subscriptions, Payment Plans, Layaway Plans, Pre-Orders & More.
See our article on Using the App Marketplace for information on how to install 3rd party apps.

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