Adding Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Generating the Conversion Tracking Code

1. Log in to your Google Adwords account. If you do not already have an Adwords account, you'll need to create one.

2. Go to ToolsConversions, and click + Conversion.

3. Select Website as the source of the conversion.

Select Website as the conversion source

4. Enter a Name for your conversion, then click Value.

5. Select The value of this conversion action may vary (for instance, by purchase price). For If no value is assigned, what should the default value be?, change the currency to match your store and enter 0.

Select "The value of this conversion may vary", select your currency, and set the default value to 0.

6. Click Category and select Purchase/Sale as the conversion action category.

Select "Purchase/Sale" as the conversion action category from the dropdown selector

7. Click Done, then Save and continue.

8. Copy the generated code tag. You can also Save or Email the tag and instructions for later reference. In the next section, we'll modify this code with the transaction-specific values Google needs to measure conversion activity.

Copy, save or email the conversion code tag

Adding the Code to Your Store

1. In your BigCommerce control panel, click Advanced SettingsAffiliate Conversion Tracking.

2. Paste the conversion code tag from the previous section in the Conversion Tracking Code box. You can drag the bottom corner of the box to make it bigger so it's easier to edit the code.

3. Replace the "0.00" after var google_conversion_value = and ?value= to %%ORDER_AMOUNT%%.

4. Add the following lines above var google_conversion_value = %%ORDER_AMOUNT%%;:

if (%%ORDER_ID%%)
{ var google_conversion_order_id = "%%ORDER_ID%%"; }

5. Add &oid=%%ORDER_ID%% immediately following &guid=ON in the tag's noscript section.

Paste the tag, expand the box, then add your transaction-specific variables

6. Your finished code should resemble the example below. Some values like your conversion ID, label and currency may vary depending on your setup. Save your changes.

You finalized tag should resemble this example

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