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Product Information

The following settings are in the Other Details section under the Other Details tab when adding or editing a product.

All of these fields can also be updated with a CSV product import for products in bulk.


Bin Picking Number

BPN is used for order picking and fulfillment. If your product is stored in a warehouse, use BPN to catalog its location in the warehouse. This information will appear on packing slips. If your product has options, you should assign BPNs to your individual SKUs, not the base product.


Warranty Information

Include warranty information about your product in this field. This text appears under Warranty Information on the product page but may differ depending on your theme.


Product Condition

Indicate whether your product is New, Used, or Refurbished. Check the box to show the condition on the product page. The Product Condition and Show Product Condition? fields can also be updated via CSV import.

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