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Optimizing Your Design for Mobile

People are increasingly using their mobile devices to search the web, especially when searching locally. Some search engines, like Google, are now taking how mobile-friendly a site is into consideration as a ranking factor in mobile search results.

Google demonstrating the difference between a site optimized for mobile viewing with a green checkmark, and another site not optimized with a red X

Responsive design is a method of designing websites so that, regardless of the device viewing the site — a desktop, tablet or mobile device — the content is presented in an easily readable and digestible way, with minimal scrolling and resizing necessary from the end user.

Free BigCommerce responsive theme Hipster adapts to whatever device it's accessed from

All of BigCommerce's Stencil themes are responsive and optimized for fast loading times on mobile devices. There is no need to maintain a separate mobile version. 
Some of our legacy Blueprint Blueprint Themes also offer responsive themes.

If you plan to use a theme that isn't responsive, we recommend you enable the default mobile theme, so that your shoppers still get a streamlined mobile experience when visiting from their devices. 


Will the default mobile theme match my theme? The default theme has a very basic design and does not inherit any styles from the full theme. It is possible to customize the BigCommerce mobile theme to match your brand.

The readability and conciseness of your category and product descriptions are other crucial factors when designing for SEO. See the section titled Make Your Description Easy to Read in our article Product Descriptions Best Practices for more information.

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