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Managing Customer Accounts

Customer account creation allows your customers to create store accounts to manage orders, create wishlists, and save an address book for quicker checkout. It also provides you the ability to view individual customer order data, give store credits, send order messages, and even segment your customers into groups for store discounts and tax purposes.

When new customers check out of your store, they have the option of creating an account. Their details, like their name, email, and other address information, is saved to a new customer record. New customer records can also be created manually through the control panel or importing in bulk.


Viewing Customers

To view and manage your customers go to CustomersView.

View Customers screen

The Filter by Keyword field can be used to filter your customer list. If searching for a full name, wrap your search term in quotes or use the advanced search to refine your search.

Customer Search field and button

Advanced Search

Customer Advanced Search Options

  • Search Keywords — Searches your customers' first name, last name, email and company fields for matches to the terms you enter.
  • Starts With the Letter — Searches for any customers whose last names begin with the letter/number you've selected.
  • Phone — Searches customers' phone number fields.
  • Country — Restricts search results to customers in the country you've selected.
  • State — Restricts search results to customers in the state you've selected. This field auto-populates with a drop-down list of states based on the Country you select.

Search by Range

Customer Search by Range options

  • Customer ID — Searches for customers whose ID falls within the range you define.
  • Number of Orders — Searches for customers whose number of orders falls within the range you define.
  • Store Credit — Searches for customers whose current store credit total falls within the range you define.

Search by Date

Customer Search by Date options

  • Date Joined — Restricts search results to customers who joined within the defined range you select. Options include:
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last 24 Hours
    • Last 7 Days
    • Last 30 Days
    • This Month
    • This Year
    • Custom Period

Search by Group

Customer Search by Group options

  • Customer Group — Restricts search results to customers in the selected customer group. The customer group feature is available on select BigCommerce Plans.

Sort Order

Customer Sort Order

  • Customer Group — Determines which customer data will be used to sort search results. Available options are:
    • ID
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Company
    • Date Joined
    • Orders
  • in — Determines whether search results are displayed in Ascending or Descending Order.

Editing Customer Details

When viewing your customer list, click on the name of the customer you'd like to edit or click Edit from within the action menu. You can edit the following fields:

Customer Detail fields

You can also set a new password through the New Password and Confirm Password fields.


Customer Address Book

If you need to edit a customers address, click the Customer Address Book tab, then click ActionEdit to the right of the address you'd like to update. You can also select Delete to remove the address.

Customer Address Action Menu with Edit highlighted

Don't forget to Save your changes.


Forcing Customers to Reset Their Password

In some cases, for example, when migrating customers from an old store to your BigCommerce store, it may be necessary to force a customer to reset their password the next time they attempt to log in. This can be done when either adding a new customer or editing an existing one.

Note this setting can currently only be enabled in your control panel and not via CSV export/import.

1. Go to CustomersView Customers, then either add or edit a customer.

2. Select Yes from the drop-down menu labeled Force Password Reset On Next Login.

Yes option being highlighted in the Force Password Reset On Next Login drop-down menu

3. Save your changes.

The next time your customer attempts to log in, they will receive a message explaining that they must reset their password before logging in, and an email containing a link to the password reset page will be sent to their customer account email address.

Login warning that appears when a password reset has been forced

The password reset page will prompt them to enter and confirm a new password for their account. Once they’ve completed this step, they will again be able to log in to their customer account.

Change password screen


Deleting Customer Accounts

To delete a customer account, go to CustomersView and check the box next to the name of the customer record you want to delete. Click the delete button (trash can icon), then click Ok in the confirmation pop-up.

Highlighted checkbox and delete button

You can delete customer accounts in bulk by checking more than one customer account at a time. Use the built-in customer filtering and search functions to find specific customer accounts you wish to delete.

Note that customers can only be deleted from within the control panel and not via CSV export/import. Additionally, deleting a customer account will not delete the order records the customer(s) has placed, and those records are still accessible from the View Orders screen.

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