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Checkout Comparison

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BigCommerce offers various checkout types with different capabilities and checkout flow. Deciding which one is best suited for your business will depend on which features your business needs.


Checkout Types

The checkout types available will depend on the theme platform you have applied to your store. See Which Theme Platform do I have? to determine the type of theme you are using.

  • One-Page Checkout
  • Single page express checkout *
  • Multiple page checkout *
  • Custom one-page checkout (for developers)
  • Optimized One-Page Checkout

*These checkouts are only available on legacy Blueprint themes.

Descriptions of these checkouts can be found in Checkout Settings.



Each checkout option has a set of features that are associated with it. The table below gives a quick overview of what each checkout offers.

     Optimized One-Page CheckoutOne-Page CheckoutCustom one-page Checkout (for developers)Single page express checkout*Multiple page checkout *
    Multilingual Support
    Ship to multiple addresses
    CSS CustomizationIn Stencil Theme Editor, Stencil CLI, or Edit Stencil Theme FilesIn Stencil CLI, or Edit Stencil Theme FilesIn Template FilesIn Template FilesIn Template Files
    Access to all template files
    Access to Order Confirmation Page
    Custom Form Fields
    Limit Countries/States/Provinceswith Shipping ManagerIn Template FilesIn Template FilesIn Template Files

    All of the available checkout types have the following features:


    Optimized One-Page Checkout

    This is the newest one-page checkout, which includes new enhancements like persistent cart summary, credit-card type detection, and optional account creation. Learn more about Optimized One-Page Checkout.

    Optimized One-Page Checkout does not support certain third-party apps, such as abandoned cart savers, address validation or age verification. It also only works with specific payment gateways. There are some payment gateways that require Optimized One-Page Checkout. These include: 


    Single Page Express Checkout

    Our one-page checkout for legacy Blueprint themes. Single Page Express Checkout allows access to all template files but does not offer multilingual support.


    One-Page Checkout

    Our one-page checkout which supports all platform features. Fonts and colors can be customized by modifying the theme files but does not offer full multilingual support.


    Multiple Page Express Checkout

    In multiple page checkout, customers complete each step of the checkout process on a separate page. This checkout allows access to all template files but does not offer multilingual support. It is only available on legacy Blueprint themes.


    Custom One-Page Checkout (for developers)

    Perform advanced customizations like modifying your checkout layout, inserting trust seals, or adding custom JavaScript.



    Can I use a custom built checkout or another third-party checkout?

    Yes. There are a few third-party solutions that work on BigCommerce. It is possible to develop a checkout solution. Please visit our Partners Page to find a developer.

    Can I change the language of my checkout?

    You can change the language if you use Optimized One-Page Checkout and use a Stencil theme. See Full Multilingual Support for more instructions. You can change the language of some words in Customize One-Page Checkout for developers and Single Page Express Checkout.

    Can I change the currency displayed at checkout?

    Only Optimized One-Page Checkout will display the shopper’s chosen currency at checkout. There is a note in the checkout that all prices on the invoice will be in the store’s default currency. This can not be changed in other checkouts.

    Can I customize the printable invoices?

    It can be customized, but the method will depend on your theme platform. See Customizing the Printable Order Invoice (Blueprint) for legacy Blueprint themes or Customizing Printable Invoices in Stencil Developer documentation.

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