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Creating a Manual Order

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Adding an Order

Manual orders may be created for orders for which payment has already been arranged. For example, a customer that has paid cash in person, or has given you their credit card information over the phone. If a non-hosted payment gateway has been set up, you can manually enter your customer's credit card information to process the order. See Available Payment Gateways for a list of supported non-hosted gateways.

Gift certificates can only be purchased through the storefront.

1. Go to OrdersAdd.

2. Select if the order is for a New or Existing Customer.

  • a. For a New Customer, enter their email address, fill out the required fields, then click Next. If you want to create an account for the new customer, specify a password for them.

  • b. For an Existing Customer, start typing a customer name, email address or company name in the Search field, and a list of customers will appear for you to select from. Once selected, a list of available billing addresses will appear on the right side of Billing Information. Click Use this address to populate the billing information form with the customer's saved address, then click Next.

3. Click the Browse Products button and navigate to the product's category. Click the category name and a list of all the products in that category will appear in the lower window. You can also use the search box to find products. When finished adding products, click Next.

You can use the Add a Custom Product link to add an item or service that is not in your product database.

4. Specify the shipping address for the order. You can use the Billing Address Specified, or create a New Single Address. If the order is being shipped to more than one location, you can create New Multiple Addresses.

5. Click Fetch shipping Quotes, select a shipping method for the order, then click Next.

6. Click the drop-down box to Select a Payment Method.

If you do not have a non-hosted payment gateway set up, a Manual Payment option is available to complete the order. Use this method if you have a hosted gateway and want to settle the transaction online outside of BigCommerce. The Bank Deposit, Cash on Delivery, and Check payment methods are available for processing offline transactions. See Connecting a Payment Gateway for more information on adding both online and offline payment methods.

You can also specify a discount amount, coupon code, or gift certificate. You also have a final opportunity to review and change the billing address, shipping address, and shipping method. Once you're finished, click Save › Process Payment to finalize the order.

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