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Creating a Manual Order

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Manual orders can be created on behalf of a new or existing customer for which payment has already been arranged. For example, a customer that has paid cash in person, or has given you their credit card information over the phone.

You can manually enter your customer's credit card information to process the order if a non-hosted payment gateway has been connected. See Available Payment Gateways for a list of supported non-hosted gateways.

Additionally, you can save an order as a draft which will generate a cart URL. This unique URL can then be sent to customers allowing them to go directly to your storefront cart page with their cart pre-populated and ready for checkout.


Creating a Manual Order

Go to OrdersAdd. You will be taken to the Add an Order screen. Creating a manual order consists of four phases:

Add an Order page

  1. Customer Info — entering the billing details
  2. Items — adding items to the cart
  3. Shipping — entering the shipping details
  4. Finalize — selecting a payment gateway and entering the payment details

Customer Info

Select if the order is for an Existing Customer or a New Customer.

Existing or New Customer radio buttons

For a New Customer, enter their email address, and fill in their billing information. Specify a password if you want to create an account for them or leave the password fields empty to check them out as a guest.

New Customer detail fields

For an Existing Customer, a list of customers will appear for you to select from when you enter their name, email address or company name in the Search field.

Existing Customer search field

Once selected, a list of available billing addresses will appear on the right side of Billing Information. Click Use this address to populate the billing information form with the customer's saved address.

Saved address and Use this address link

When you have finished entering the customer's details, click Next to begin adding items to the cart.


Click the Browse Categories button to locate the products you wish to add or use the Search field to search by product name or SKU.

Add Products page

Use the Add a Custom Product link to add a product or service that is not in your product catalog. For example, you could use this to add a $10 convenience fee for a special delivery.

When browsing by category, a product search window will appear. Click a category name and a list of all the products in that category will appear in the lower pane. Alternatively, you can use the Search by Product Name field to search by product name or SKU.

When you find the products you want to add, select them in the lower window, then click Select to add the item(s) to the cart.

Product search window

If the product has options, a customize window will appear. Options can be selected in the Options tab while the price and quantity can be changed in the Basic Details tab. When you are finished, click Add Item to add the product to the cart.

Customize product pop up

Use the Action menu to Customize, Copy, or Delete items that have been added to the cart.

Action menu

When you have finished creating the cart, click Next to enter the shipping details.


Specify the destination using one of the following options:

Specify destination address

  • Billing Address Specified — Choose this if the shipping address is the same as the billing address.
  • New Single Address — Choose this if the order is being shipped to a different location.
  • New Multiple Addresses — Choose this if the order is being shipped to more than one location.

Click Fetch Shipping Quotes to generate a list of shipping methods based on your shipping zones. Select the appropriate shipping method, then click Next to enter the payment details and finalize the order.

Shipping methods

Use the Custom option to add a custom shipping method and specify its cost.


Review the billing, shipping, and cart details.

Billing, Shipping, and Cart details

Use the Summary section to provide a discount, enter a coupon code or gift certificate and to get a recap of the order totals.

Order Summary

Enter any comments or staff notes by scrolling down to the Comments and Notes section. Comments are visible on invoices while Staff Notes are only visible in the control panel and are not seen by customers.

Comments and Notes section

The Finalize section is where you will choose the payment method for the order. The drop-down menu will display any online or offline payment options you have enabled.

Additionally, the Manual Payment option can be used to mark an over-the-phone or in-person order as paid. Use the description field to specify its use. Note that orders finalized with the Manual Payment option are not counted in your GMV. See BigCommerce Pricing to learn more.

Selecting a payment method

When you are finished, click Save & Process Payment.



Can I create a manual order for a gift certificate?

Gift certificates can only be purchased through the storefront.

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