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Using Store Logs

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Store Logs can be used to help identify and troubleshoot errors or issues with your store, and provide a history to determine when certain events take place.

Go to Server SettingsStore Logs to access your store's log entries.

Store Logs screen showing tabs for System Log and Staff Action Log

Only 50 pages of the most recent store logs are recorded at any one time — anything earlier cannot be accessed.

There are two kinds of logs: the System Log and the Staff Action Log.

System Log

The System Log tracks events that have taken place on your storefront. This includes events like orders, payment transactions, shipping quote requests and newsletter signups.

Each system log entry includes a brief summary describing the nature of the event, when it happened, its severity and type, and which module reported the event. Click the + sign to expand a log entry for additional information from the reporting module. This data can be useful when trying to identify and troubleshoot errors or issues with your store.

Filter events by severity and type using the drop-down list and clicking Search. Use the text field to search for any specific events or terms.

System logs severities and types

Staff Action Log

The Staff Action Log records general information about changes made in the control panel, including template file updates, product imports and page edits. Each log entry lists the user, their IP address, the action, and the date and time it was performed.

The data recorded in the Staff Action Log is for general reference, and doesn't include specific insights to the event. For example, updating a category will trigger a Staff Action Log entry, but what aspect of the category was changed is not specifically recorded.

Filter staff action events by user using the drop-down list and clicking Search.

Staff action log users

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