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Editing an Order


The details of an existing order can be changed or updated by the store owner or other control panel users with the appropriate permissions.

There are various reasons why you might need to edit an order after it has been placed. You could be contacted by a customer with a shipping address correction, realize you do not have enough stock to fulfill an order or receive a request to upgrade the shipping service.

When editing an order, the following details can be changed:

  • customer account
  • billing address
  • product price
  • product quantity
  • product options
  • shipping address
  • shipping method
  • discount amount
  • coupon code
  • gift certificate
  • order comments
  • staff notes

Be careful! Editing an order that has already been paid for will not change what the customer was charged at the time of placing the order. If the amount charged is incorrect, we recommend canceling and refunding the order, and either you or the customer create a new order for the proper amount.

Order Editing Process

1. Go to OrdersView.

2. Click the action icon to the right of the order you want to edit and select Edit Order.

Edit order shown in the expanded action list

3. Click Next to follow the steps to each section of the order.

Editing an order is broken into 4 steps: Customer Info, Items in Order, Shipping Details and Payment

  • Customer Info — here you can update the customer's billing information
  • Items in order — here you can add or remove products from the cart, update the quantity, or change the price
  • Shipping — here you can update the destination to single or multiple addresses, update the customer's shipping address, and update the shipping method

4. On the final step, if the order has not already been paid for, you can select how to charge the customer and process the payment. You can use one of your pre-configured payment gateways, or select Manual Payment to mark the order as paid (Awaiting Fulfilment) without prompting an online transaction. You also have the option to email an updated invoice to the customer.

Select a payment method for the order, and optionally email the customer an updated invoice


When should I use Manual Payment? Use Manual Payment to mark an order you accepted payment for offline as "paid," like orders placed over the phone or paid for in person.

The Orders Summary section can also be found in this final step. Here you have the option of applying a discount to the order or entering a coupon or gift certificate code.

Order Summary

5. When you are done making changes, click Save & Process Payment.

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