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Product Catalog Limits

To maximize store stability and performance, we implement limits on certain portions of the platform. These limits include:

Maximum brands per store30,000
Maximum categories per store16,000
Maximum categories per product1,000
Maximum category depth8 levels
Maximum SKUs per product600
Maximum option values per option250
Maximum displayed values per product filtering facet500
Maximum web content pages4,000
Maximum product name length250 characters
Maximum category name length50 characters
API Accounts50
API Calls (Standard and Plus plans)20,000 per hour
API Calls (Pro plans)60,000 per hour
API Calls (Enterprise)Unlimited

What happens if I exceed any of these limits?

The above limits will be enforced in both the control panel and Stores API.

Within the control panel, when you are approaching or have exceeded a limit, we’ll display an information alert.

In addition, you will receive an error response code 403 Forbidden if you attempt a POST request to the API that would exceed one of these limits.

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