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Joining the BigCommerce Community

The BigCommerce Community helps you find answers, stay informed, and make connections to help grow your business and promote your brand. We bring together merchants, partners, industry experts, and our own internal product and development teams all in one place to exchange knowledge and share ideas. Learn more in the BigCommerce Community Guide.


Log In from the Control Panel

If you’re already logged in to your store’s control panel, you can log in to the Community automatically.

In your control panel, go to HelpAsk the Community.

Ask the Community link highlighted in the control panel help menu

If we're unable to log you in automatically, we’ll ask you for:

We need this information to link your account. We’ll only ask once, and after you’ve successfully connected, you won’t have to enter it again the next time you access the Community.

Finally, we’ll ask for your First and Last Name. This name will display to other Community users (you’ll be able to update it in your community profile settings).

When you’re done, click Continue. You'll be logged in and returned to the Community homepage.


Log In from the Community Homepage

1. Go to

2. Click Log In in the top right corner of the screen.

Log In highlighted at the top right of

3. There are two ways of logging into the Community:

  • BigCommerce Store — If you're new to the Community, use this option. You’ll be redirected to Enter your store user details and click Log In. Once authenticated, you’ll be logged in and returned back to the Community. Existing Community users can also access the Community using their BigCommerce store credentials.
  • Community Account — If you've previously registered a Community account or you're a registered BigCommerce Partner, you can log in with those credentials here.

Log In as a Partner

BigCommerce Partners can access the Community from the Partner Portal or from the Log In link on the Community homepage (Log in using your Community Account).

For more information and to apply to become a BigCommerce Partner, visit the Partner Portal. If you need assistance, contact


Log Out of the Community

If you’re on a shared or public computer, you should sign out of all your online accounts when you’re finished. If you don’t manually log out of the Community, you’ll be automatically logged out after 24 hours. The BigCommerce control panel timeout window setting does not extend to the Community.

To sign out, click your profile in the top right corner of the screen and click Log Out.


Accessing the Community as a Guest

Some parts of the Community are public and are accessible to anyone (guests).

You don’t need to log in or have an account to see:

  • Q&A posts and replies
  • Group discussions
  • Release Notes

For these Community features, you’ll need to log in:

  • participate in Group discussions
  • ask Questions, and give Answers
  • view past Town Hall recordings and notes
  • view, submit, and vote on Ideas


Who can log in to the Community?
Anyone that has access to a BigCommerce store can automatically log in to the Community via the link in the control panel Help section. Partners manually log in via the Community homepage or the Partner Portal.

Error | Something went wrong
If you receive this error, it’s likely we don’t have all the information necessary to automatically log you in to the Community.

  • Try clearing any cookies your browser may have stored for
  • Contact us and our Community team can assist in getting you signed in.

Error | The Store URL and Support PIN provided do not match our records. Please ensure the information is entered correctly and try again.

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