Creating Downloadable Products

Adding a Product

1. When adding a product, create the product as usual.

2. For Product Type, choose Downloadable product. You can fill out any other product details as desired.

Select "Downloadable Product" from Product type

Uploading Your Downloadable Files

1. Click the Product Files tab.

The "Product Files" tab appears after selecting "Downloadable Product" as the product type

2. Fill out the details of your downloadable file:

  • Description (optional) — this will appear in the invoice and in the customer's account when they download the file
  • File to Upload — choose between uploading the file on your computer or a file on the server
  • Disable Downloads After — lets you choose how long after the customer's purchase they will continue to be able to download the file
  • Maximum Downloads — lets you limit how many times the customer can download the file after having purchased it

If downloading the file from the server, you will need to connect to WebDAV and upload the file into the product_downloads/import folder. You can then select the file from the drop-down.

3. Click Attach File to Product when finished.

There is no limit to how many downloadable products can be added to a product.

4. Save when finished.

Sending Your Product

When a customer orders a downloadable file, you must change the order status to Completed before they can download their products. Depending on your payments setup, this may happen automatically if no physical products were in the same order.

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