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Adding a Product

Creating products is one of the most important parts of setting up your store. This guide will walk you through creating a product within the BigCommerce control panel. If you're interested in creating a product through an imported spreadsheet, see Creating New Products Using Import/Export.

Adding a New Product

1. Go to ProductsAdd.

2. You will be taken to the Details tab on the Product Edit page. There are several tabs here, each of which lets you set different product details. See below for a full list of product attributes and where you can set them.

For a full description of each tab and setting, click the name of the tab below.

Required Product Details

Not every product detail will be completely relevant to your product, so you can leave them blank. Only the following attributes are required.

  • Name
  • Category
  • Default Price
  • Weight (physical products)

Product Details and Locations

Product Edit Page

For more information on filling out the Details tab for your product, see Adding a Product | Details & Videos.

Details Tab

  • Summary
    • Name
    • Default Price
    • Cost in More Pricing
    • MSRP (Retail Price) in More Pricing
    • Sale Price in More Pricing
    • Tax Class
    • Avalara Product Tax Code
    • Categories
    • Product type
    • Product code/SKU
    • Weight
    • Width
    • Height
    • Depth
  • Description
    • Description
  • Shipping
    • Fixed Shipping Cost
    • Free Shipping
  • Availability
    • Availability (can the product be purchased and/or pre-ordered?)

Images and Video Tab

For more information on adding images and videos to your product, see Adding a Product | Images & Videos.

  • Upload New Product Images
    • Drag and drop or upload product image
    • Upload image from the web
    • Upload image from the image gallery
  • Product Images
    • Product image
    • Description (alt tag)
    • Use image as thumbnail
  • Youtube Videos
    • Select Youtube video


  • Inventory tracking
    • Tracking method - no tracking, track by product, track by SKU (option)


For more information on the Options tab, see Adding a Product | Options. To learn more about creating options and option-based SKUs, see Adding Product Options.

  • Option Set
    • Applied option set
    • Option Set display options
    • Option Set summary
  • SKUs
    • Create and generate SKUs
    • SKU details
  • Rules
    • Create and generate option rules

Custom Fields

For more information on the Custom Fields tab, see Adding a Product | Custom Fields. If you are interested in creating a custom field, click the links below.

Other Details

For more information on the Other Details tab, see Adding a Product | Other Details.

  • Product Identifiers
    • Global Trade Item Number
    • Manufacturer Part Number
    • Brand Name
    • Product UPC/EAN
  • Related Products
    • Related products - find automatically or select manually
  • Other Details
    • Bin Picking Number
    • Warranty Information
    • Template Layout file
    • Search Keywords
    • Availability
    • Visible
    • Featured Product
    • Gift Wrapping
    • Sort Order
    • Product Condition
    • Minimum Purchase Quantity
    • Maximum Purchase Quantity
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Page Title
    • Meta Keywords
    • Meta Description
    • Product URL
  • Facebook Open Graph Settings
    • Object Type
    • Title
    • Description
    • Image
  • Accounting Settings
    • Asset Account Code
    • Income Account Code
    • Expense/COS Account Code
  • Peachtree Fields
    • General Ledger Account
  • Shopping Comparison
    • Include Product in (selected shopping comparison sites)

Bulk Pricing

For more information on setting up Bulk Pricing, see Adding a Product | Bulk Pricing.

  • Create bulk pricing rules

Store Settings

Display tab

For more information about Display tab settings, see Display Settings.

  • Display Settings
    • Cart Quantity Boxes - display as dropdown or text
    • 'Add to Cart' Action
    • Product Breadcrumbs
    • Show Quantity Box for Products
    • Enable 'Customers Also Viewed'
    • Products Related By View
    • Enable Bulk Discount
  • Product Settings
    • Show Product's Price
    • Show Product's SKU
    • Show Product's Weight
    • Show Product's Brand
    • Show Product's Shipping Cost
    • Show Product's Rating
    • Show Add to Cart Link
    • Default Pre-Order Message

Image tab

For more information about Image tab settings, see Image Settings.

  • Product Settings
    • Storewide Thumbnail dimensions
    • Product Page Image dimensions
    • Product Page Thumbnail dimensions
    • Product Zoom Image dimensions
    • Show Tiny Thumbnails under product image
    • Enable Image Zoom
    • Display product image (in lightbox or pop-up)
    • Default product image behavior

Share tab

For more information about setting up Share buttons, see Share Settings.

  • Enable a Share button for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media sites

Inventory Settings

For more information about inventory settings, see Inventory Settings.

    • When a product is out of stock (set behavior)
    • When an option is out of stock (set behavior)
    • Automatically adjust stock levels for editing, archiving, refunding, or cancelling orders
    • Display stock level on product page

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