Adding Products

This guide will walk you through the basics of adding a product. If you haven't created your categories yet, we suggest doing that first.

Go to ProductsAdd. You will be taken to the Edit a product page on the Details tab.

In some versions of the control panel, this is located under ProductsAdd a Product.

Product Summary

There are five required fields that you need to fill out before you save the product. These can all be found in the Product Summary section.

Product Summary Fields

  • Product Name (required) — the name of your product (maximum 50 characters; no special characters)
  • Price (required) — the price of your base product, not taking into account sales, discounts, or options. Click More Pricing for additional price fields.
  • Tax Class — allows you to select the tax class a product belongs to; normally left as Default Tax Class (more details)
  • Avalara Product Tax Code — if you've linked your Avalara Premium account, determines how this product should be taxed
  • Category (required) — the categories your product belongs to. Click the + to see the subcategories or Add if you need to create a new category.
  • Product type — select whether your product is physical or downloadable
  • Weight (required for physical products) — your product's weight; used for shipping calculations
  • Product code/SKU (optional) — the unique product identifier unit

Click on the More pricing link. You will see a few more pricing options appear, all of which are optional:

  • Cost Price — the cost of your products to you; this is never shown to customers, but can be used for accounting purposes
  • Retail Price — the price at which your distributor recommends you sell the product; will show next to your product's price
  • Sale Price — if used, replaces your regular product price; if a retail price is also entered, may cross out the retail price


Fill out your product description with information about your product. This section uses the WYSIWYG Editor, so you can add text, bullet points, links, or additional images and videos.

See Product Descriptions Best Practices for tips and tricks for writing effective product descriptions that sell and drive traffic.


Any settings you select here will override what you set up in your Shipping Settings.

  • Free Shipping — if selected, the product will ship for free internationally(more details)
  • Dimensions (width, height, depth) — dimensions used by real time shipping quote providers such as USPS or CanadaPost
  • Fixed Shipping Cost — the product will ship for this cost internationally
  • Special Handling Required — this setting will be used in an upcoming shipping integration


In this section, you can choose between the following options:

  • This product can be purchased in my online store (default)
  • This product is coming soon but I want to take pre-orders
    • Message — the message that will display in place of the Add to Cart button
    • Release date — the date you expect the product back in stock
    • Remove pre-order status on this date — if selected, the product will be changed back to Product can be purchased in my online store automatically
  • This product cannot be purchased in my online store — for products to be marked as catalog-only
    • Show "Call for pricing" message instead of the price — if selected, you will get a field to type in your desired "Call for Pricing" message

Once you've completed this page, you're ready to add images and videos to your product. You can also add additional product settings.

Saving Your Product

Click Save to save your changes. You will remain on the Edit a Product page.

Click the arrow next to the Save button to see the following options:

  • Duplicate — create an identical product
  • Add another — add another product (from scratch)
  • Close — save and return to the list of products

Once you're comfortable with this workflow, check out how to import products using a CSV to add multiple products at a time.

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