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Starting a BigCommerce Trial

Your BigCommerce trial store gives you access to almost all of our features, including some that are only available on certain BigCommerce plans.

The following features are available on your trial, but are only available on certain BigCommerce plans:

This means that you can set up your entire store and have it ready to start selling the moment you choose to launch.

Once you decide to upgrade to a paid store, any features not available on your plan will become unavailable unless you upgrade to the appropriate plan. Head to Pricing for more information on BigCommerce plans and their features.

The following features will be unavailable on your trial store. They are only available after upgrading your store's plan if that plan supports them:


Creating a Trial Store

1. Go to the BigCommerce homepage.

2. Enter a store name in the field labeled Create your store name, then click Start my free trial now.

Your store name can be changed at any time after starting your trial.

3. Fill out the new trial store form, then click Create my store now.

If you are a current BigCommerce client and are attempting to create a new store under your original account, the email and password information must be the same as the ones you entered when creating that account.


First Log in

Once your trial is created you'll be prompted to log in for the first time.

1. Enter the email address and password you set when creating your trial, then click Log In.
Login Screen

2. You will be given an opportunity to tour the BigCommerce Control Panel. Click Start Tour to be provided with information on various sections of the Control Panel, or click No Thanks to close the popup.

Tour popup.

3. The home dashboard will list next steps to get your store up and running. Begin by clicking the buttons to the right of each action item or by using the main menu on the left side of the screen.

Control panel dashboard.

Store Setup

All BigCommerce trials are set to private when they are created. This keeps search engines from indexing your store while still in development and the public from browsing your store before it is ready to launch. The store will not go live until you click the Launch Store button.


Adding a New Trial Store to an Existing Account

If you already have a paid store or trial, you can add a new trial to your existing account directly from your BigCommerce Account Dashboard.

1. In the control panel, go to Account SettingsAccount Summary. The BigCommerce Account Dashboard can also be accessed directly by going to The user must be assigned the Store Owner user role in the control panel to access the BigCommerce Account Dashboard.

2. Click the Add New Store button.

The Add New Store button in the BigCommerce Account Dashboard

3. Enter details about the new trial store, then click Add New Store.

4. After a few seconds, your new trial store will be created. From here, you can log into the new store's control panel or view its details.

Once your new trial is created, you can log in or view its details


Cancelling a Trial

There is no action needed to cancel a trial store. Your trial will automatically expire after the 15-day trial period. You will never be billed for a trial store. For more information on upgrading an expired trial, see the Cancelling a Trial Store section of Cancelling Your Account.

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