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Browser Security Warnings

If you or your customers are getting a browser security warning, there may be an issue with your store's SSL Certificate. Use the troubleshooting steps below to determine and resolve the issue.

For more information about SSL Certificates, see BigCommerce SSL Certificate.


SSL has Expired

Go to and enter your store's domain and Port 443. For example:

Check for expired SSL

If the expiration date has passed, you will need to renew your SSL certificate or purchase a new one. If you recently purchased an SSL, you may not have installed the new certificate.

See BigCommerce SSL Certificate or Installing a Third-Party SSL Certificate.


Insecure Content on a Secure Page

Any secure (https) page can only call on secure (https) assets, not insecure (http) assets. Some browsers will consider this a security error.

Go to Why No Padlock? and enter the web address from of your store's secure pages, such as the cart or login page. For example:

Insecure content warning

If your page contains any insecure elements, you or your developer should replace them with secure references instead. You can replace http// with just // and the asset will call securely.


Common Name Mismatch Error

A common name mismatch can happen if you are pointing your domain to BigCommerce using an A record. A records point to a particular IP address and your IP address changes when you install a dedicated SSL.

To resolve this issue, go to your registrar (who you purchased the domain from) and update the A record to your new IP address.

To check your domain's A record, go to Enter your domain and keep A selected.

Current A record

To check your store's the new IP address, log into your BigCommerce control panel and go to Server SettingsEmail & DNS Records. Click Web Hosts and locate the A record for your store. Your new IP address will be located under Value.

Store's A record

If your domain's A record and your store's A record do not match, you will need to update your domain's A record at your registrar to match your store's new IP address. Ideally, we suggest pointing your domain with nameservers or a CNAME instead.

If you are not pointing to BigCommerce using an A record but are using a domain with two TLDs—such as—please contact our support team.


We Can't Find What You're Looking for (SSL Installation)

If you're encountering the below error when trying to install an SSL, you're most likely not logged in as the Store Owner user. Log out and log in with the Store Owner credentials and try again.

Permission error

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