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Troubleshooting Real Time Shipping Quotes


  • A particular service is not showing up / being offered at checkout
  • The returned real-time quote is much higher or lower than expected
  • Quotes are returned for some products, but not for others

Resources and Tools

Before you can begin troubleshooting inaccurate real-time shipping quotes, you need to understand how the store packs orders. See Understanding the Shipping Calculator for more information.

You should also be aware of the size and weight limits imposed by different providers. See our related articles below for this and other resources for each provider, or find the information directly from their sites. Once you understand how the store calculates packages, you can use each providers' quote finder tools to test and confirm how much a particular shipment will cost.



Exceeded limits are the most common cause of missing or higher than expected quotes. Note that weight limits are actual weight limits, not dimensional weight limits (also known as cubic weight or volumetric weight).

For example, a 30” x 30” x 30” package has a dimensional weight of 163 lbs, but will still return a FedEx Home Delivery Quote with an oversize charge, as long as the actual weight remains under 70 lbs.

Some services have their own specific limits. For example, FedEx Ground (commercial) and FedEx Home Delivery (residential) have a max length of 108”, but FedEx’s expedited services (Next Day, 2-Day) have a max length of 119”.


Fees and Additional Charges

If a shipment has one of the below surcharges or fees applied to it, nothing in the storefront alerts the shopper - it is just added in with the quote. There is also no control panel alert to make the store owner aware of the charge. A symptom of this situation would be that quotes are successfully returned, but are much higher than expected.

Recreate the shipment at the provider’s own calculator to confirm if it’s subject to additional fees, charges or penalties. You can click or hover over the price to see line item fees or charges.

UPS and FedEx also allow you to use your specific account numbers with their calculators. This will provide the most accurate quotes if you have an account number connected to your setup (required to set up FedEx).

Note that to check account number level quotes with FedEx’s calculator, you will have to log in to with a username and password.

Additional Handling

For FedEx and UPS, the longest side of the shipment must be less than 60”, and the second longest side of the shipment must be less than 30”, or the quote will include an “Additional handling surcharge - dimension” fee.

FedEx rate calculator showing Additional Handling surcharge

UPS rate calculator showing additional handling fee

Oversize / Large Package

The longest side + girth must be less than 130” or the quote will include an “Oversize 3 (OS3)” or “Large Package” fee.

In the example screenshots below, the package dimensions are 31" length + (25" width x 2) + (25" height x 2), which comes out to 131”, which prompts the charge.

FedEx rate calculator showing Oversize charge

UPS rate calculator showing large package charge

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