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Creating a Contact Form

Contact forms are a convenient way to manage how your customers get in touch with you. It allows you to set up a formatted message so you can control the information they send and reduce spam email contacts. BigCommerce has a built-in contact form, but you can use a more robust third-party contact form to suit your business. 

For both built-in and third-party contact forms, you will want to go to Storefront  Web Pages and click Create a Web Page.


Built-in Contact Form

The native, built-in contact form can include the following fields:

  • Email Address
  • Question/Comment
  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Order Number
  • RMA Number

These fields cannot be customized to display different labels or add new ones. If you want more control over the labels and the input boxes, consider using one of the suggested third-party contact form builders instead.

1. Go to Storefront Web Pages. In the This Page Will section, select Allow people to send questions/comments via a contact form.

This Page Will: Allow people to send questions/comments via a contact form

2. Enter the Page Name. In this example, we named the page Contact Us.

3. Add any information, messages, or pictures you'd like to include in the Page Content section. This content will display above the contact form.

Contact form details

4. In the Email Questions to text field, enter the email address you want the contact form delivered to.

Email questions to field


Only one email can be assigned.  The built-in contact form can only be sent to one email address. If you need to send to multiple email addresses, consider using one of the suggested third-party contact form builders.

5. Under Show These Fields, check the boxes to the left of each field you want to include in your contact form.

Show these fields checkboxes for contact form


What is RMA number? RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization. It's a number sent to a customer to help manage returns. To learn more about RMA numbers see What is return merchandise authorization at

6. Select your preferred Navigation Menu and Advanced options.

7. Save your changes.


Not receiving emails from the contact form? Under Storefront › Email Templates, make sure the template page_contact_email.html is enabled. Without this template, the contact form won't send emails.


Third-party Contact Forms

If you need extended functionality or more control over the design of the form, you might consider using a third party form builder.

1. Use a custom form builder of your choice to create your form. When finished, save your work and copy the Embed HTML code provided by the third-party form builder.  See Additional Resources below for instructions for some of our suggested custom form builders.

2. Go to Storefront Web Pages and for This Page Will, select Contain content created using the WYSIWYG editor below.

3. Name the page, then click the Edit HTML Source button in the far right of the WYSIWYG editor toolbar.

HTML button in the WYSIWYG editor

4. Paste the embed code you got from your form provider, then click the Update button.

5. Save your changes.


Recommended Custom Form Builders

These are the recommended third-party form builders if you want to create a contact form that matches your business needs. You are not limited to these form builders if you want to use another option.

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