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Free SSL Certificate (Encryption Everywhere)

BigCommerce offers a free SSL certificate, Encryption Everywhere, for stores on any plan. This allows any store with a custom domain name instant access to a free, dedicated SSL certificate.

As of May 24th, 2017, any BigCommerce store that applies a custom domain name to their store are supplied with a free ssl option. This will display the green padlock on all secure pages, giving shoppers extra confidence in your brand. This also allows stores to benefit from BigCommerce's Sitewide HTTPS feature which will encrypt all pages of the website. Having sitewide HTTPS is helpful for SEO ranking in Google.

BigCommerce SSL Options


What if I already have an SSL certificate prior to May 24, 2017? If you already have an SSL certificate, you do not need the free SSL certificate. There are more benefits with a purchased SSL certificate than the free one. See our FAQ for more information.


The only requirement for using the free SSL certificate is having a custom domain name on the store. 

Applying the Free SSL Certificate

The free SSL certificate will apply automatically after the store has a custom domain. No further action is required.


The free SSL certificate may take some time to apply. Similar to changing the nameservers, the new SSL certificate may take some time to propogate. It can take up to 48 hours before it's fully applied.

If your store had a custom domain name applied to it and it does not currently have a SSL certificate, follow the instructions on Installing a BigCommerce SSL Certificate to apply it manually.


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