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Searching Products

You can search your products by going to ProductsView and entering your query in the blank search bar, then hitting the filter icon. The search will look for matches in product ID, product name, SKU, description, and search keywords.

Filter by Keyword

This search uses an exclusive search be default. For example, if you type "blue dress," it will provide any results containing the word "blue" or the word "dress". To narrow down your search, you can use "and" ("blue and dress"), "not" ("blue not gold"), and quotation marks (searches for the phrase "blue dress").


Planning to search for the same criteria more than once? Consider making a custom view, so that you don't need to perform the same search multiple times.

Advanced Search

For more advanced search queries that let you search by a range of criteria, click the Search button.

The settings in Advanced search allow you to search by the following criteria:

  • Search Keywords — keywords contained in the product, including the product ID, SKU, product name, description, and search fields.
  • Starts with the letter — the first letter of the product name
  • Brand Name — search only products assigned to a particular brand
  • Categories — search products belonging to a particular category
    • check Automatically search subcategories to include subcategories of the selected category

Search by Range

The Search by Range settings allow you to filter your search by the following criteria:

  • Price Range — search products within a certain price range
  • Quantity Sold — search products based on how many units have been sold already
  • Inventory Level — search products with a certain amount in stock

Search by Setting

The Search by Setting lets you filter your search based on the following:

  • Product Visibility — whether the product is hidden or not
  • Featured Product — whether the products are featured or not
  • Free Shipping — whether the products have been marked as having free shipping

Sort Order

Choose how you want your search results to be sorted. You can choose between Ascending (shows lowest values first) or Descending (shows highest values first).

  • ID
  • Product SKU
  • In Stock
  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Visible shows visible first

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