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Understanding Order IDs

When a customer places an order on your BigCommerce store, that order is assigned a unique ID number. It is specific to that order and is never assigned again. This is to prevent confusion when customers do not finish the checkout process, and to ensure that payment gateways do not decline the order as a duplicate transaction.

Example of an Order ID


Starting Order Number

By default, your first order will be Order ID 100. The starting order number can be changed for accounting integrations, store migration or other reasons. To change your starting order number, go to Store SetupStore Settings. Then click on the Miscellaneous tab and scroll down to the Order Settings section.

Starting Order ID setting


Incomplete Orders

If a customer does not complete the checkout process, the order will still be assigned an ID, but it will have an order status of Pending and will be considered an incomplete order. Incomplete orders will not appear in the control panel unless you change the order view to Incomplete.

Incomplete Order View


Deleted Order IDs

Order IDs may be deleted if the customer starts the checkout process over. This can happen if the customer clears their browser cache, closes their browser or temporarily loses their internet connection. Deleted Order IDs can explain gaps or skipped orders in your Order ID sequence.

Order ID gap

These instances are documented in your Store Logs.

Example store log

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