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Price Lists (Early Access)

Price lists let you offer advanced custom pricing based on customer groups. Visitors to your store see the same products, but are shown different prices based on the group they belong to.

For example, a wholesale merchant might offer standard (retail) pricing to all visitors of their store, but also offer special discounted pricing that only certain customers can access.

This feature is limited to Enterprise plans.


This feature is in Early Access. That means we're actively evolving the product and you may not see it in your control panel yet.


Managing Price Lists

Go to ProductsPrice Lists.

This screen will display all your price lists, their names, how many prices they affect, how many customer groups they apply to, and their status (live or hidden).

From here, you can create, edit, publish/unpublish, search, and delete price lists.

  • There is no limit to the number of price lists you can have.
  • A single price list can be applied to multiple customer groups, however a customer group can only be assigned to a single price list at a time.

Creating a Price List

When you click Create Price List, you’ll first be asked to give your list a name. This is for your reference only and is not shown publicly.

Next, define which customer groups this list will apply to. This determines who sees the prices on this price list. You can change this at any time.

Click Save when done.


Editing a Price List

In a price list, products are displayed in columns and rows, like a spreadsheet. Each row is a product, and variants are grouped together.

Use the + button to expand or collapse variant rows.

Expand button highlighted

Use the Search bar and Filters button to filter the list down to the products you want to work with.

Search bar and filters highlighted

Columns display the name, variation, SKU and pricing information about each product/variant.

  • Product Name — This is the name of the product. If it’s a variant, this will show which option values comprise the variation (e.g. Black / Medium).
  • SKU — The product/variant SKU.
  • Catalog Price — This is the price of the product or variant as seen on the storefront. It takes into account Sale Price and any price adjustment rules that are applicable to a variant.
  • Discount — This is the difference between the price in your catalog and the price in this list, as a percentage. You can also edit the percentage in this box to calculate a new price.
  • New Price — The new, calculated price that will be shown on the storefront for customers that belong to any customer group this price list is applied to. You can edit the price in this box, and the percentage under Discount will update automatically to reflect it.

Use the Edit Columns dropdown to show additional columns with more pricing information, such as:

  • Cost — This is the product’s cost.
  • Markup — This is the difference between Cost and Catalog Price, as a percentage.
  • New Sale Price — This will override the catalog sale price for a product or variant.
  • New MSRP — This will override the catalog retail price of a product or variant.

Edit Columns dropdown list highlighted


Publishing a Price List

When you’re ready to make your price list live, change the toggle under Status. This can also be found under the Details tab when editing a price list.

Status toggle highlighted


Deleting a Price List

Click the menu button to the right of a price list then select Delete.

Delete highlighted



How are price lists different from customer group discounts?

  • Price lists allow variant/SKU-level pricing.
  • Price lists can be saved in an unpublished draft state.
  • Price lists are searchable.

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