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Creating a Custom View for Products

You can create custom views to quickly access commonly used product filters and searches. Note that if you have eBay or Amazon enabled in Channel Manager, your store is using The New Product List and does not use custom views.


Creating a new Custom View

Go to ProductsView and click the Custom Views tab and select create a new view.


Advanced Search

  • Enter the keywords you want to narrow the search results.
  • Select a letter for the product name to start with.
  • Select a brand to narrow the results.
  • Select one or more categories to narrow the results.

Advanced Search parameters


Search by Range

  • Select a price, quantity sold, or inventory level range to narrow the results.

Search by Range parameters


Search by Setting

  • Narrow the search results by showing visible or invisible products only.
  • Narrow the search results by showing only featured products.
  • Narrow the search results by showing only those with free shipping. Note: this looks at the free shipping check box on the product, not shipping zone or discount rules.
  • Narrow the search results by selecting a product's status.

Search by Setting parameters


Sort Order

  • Select a field to sort by.
  • Select ascending or descending order.

Sort Order parameters

After you save your changes, the product results of your new custom view will display. You can always use this saved custom view again by selecting Custom Views from the top of the View Products page.

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