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Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to specify additional information that will appear on the products page, such as a book's ISBN or a DVD's release date. The location of these fields on your product page may differ depending on your theme.

  • Custom fields appear automatically in the product's details if they are defined on the product.
  • If you don't want to show any custom fields, simply remove them from the product.
  • A product can have a maximum of 200 custom fields.
  • Custom fields can be also be created and edited via CSV import and the API.

Custom field as it appears on the product page of a Cornerstone Light theme

Custom field as it appears on a product page of the Cornerstone Light theme

Looking for other fields? Some built-in fields, such as Condition and Brand, can be found in the Other Details tab.


Adding a Custom Field

1. Go to ProductsView, then click on the name of a product to edit it.

2. Go to the Custom Fields tab.

3. Enter the following information for your custom field:

  • Custom field name (e.g. Material) - limit 250 characters
  • Custom field value (e.g. Cotton) - limit 250 characters

Custom fields in Add/Edit a Product

4. Save your changes when done.

To add or remove a custom field, click the + (plus sign) to or the - (minus sign) to the right of the row.


Importing Custom Fields

If you want to apply custom fields to your products in bulk, you can do so by exporting, editing, and importing your products.

Enter your custom field information under the Product Custom Fields column using the following format. If you have multiple custom fields, separate them with a semicolon.

  • Format
    [Name of custom field]=[Name of value];[Name of custom field #2]=[Name of value #2]
  • Example
Custom fields formatted in a spreadsheet

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