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Managing Reviews

Product reviews are comments submitted by customers or viewers of your site directly onto the product page. You can manage product reviews using the built-in comment system, or a third party such as Disqus or IntenseDebate. This tutorial covers the built-in BigCommerce review system to manage reviews and send review requests to your customers.

Want to respond/comment on reviews? A number of apps in the Product Reviews section of our app marketplace support responding or commenting on customer submitted reviews.

Want to import or export your reviews? Check out the free Product Review Importer & Exporter app, which now supports exporting of reviews for easy import into Yotpo.


Enabling and Disabling Product Reviews

1. Go to Advanced SettingsComments.

2. Select Built-in (or your third-party review system), then Save. Click the Built-in tab that appears along the top of the page.

3. Check the box next to Product Reviews to enable the built-in system. To disable it, uncheck the box.

Built-in product reviews enabled

4. Save your changes.

  • Only accept product reviews from past customers — Customers leaving a review must enter the email address they used when purchasing from the store or the review will not be processed. The customer must have an order with a status of Completed or Shipped to leave a review. Use this to help reduce review-generated spam.

Managing Product Reviews

Only approved reviews will appear on your store, although you can approve your reviews automatically. Product reviews are managed under ProductsReviews. From here you can approve, disapprove, and delete reviews in bulk. You can also edit the content of individual rules if desired.


Did you know? You can email a reviewer by clicking their name under the Posted By column. This can be helpful in understanding why the reviewer left the review and provides an opportunity to make the issue right.

Approving, Disapproving, and Deleting Reviews

Check the box to the left of the reviews you would like to perform an action on.

  • Approve reviews - click Approve Selected for the selected reviews to appear on your product page
  • Disapprove reviews - click Disapprove Selected for the selected reviews not to appear
  • Delete reviews - click Delete Selected for the reviews to be deleted from the system entirely

View Product Reviews screen

Editing Individual Reviews

1. To edit individual reviews, click the Action iconEdit. You will be taken to the Edit Review page. From here you can alter the following:

  • Title
  • Review
  • Author
  • Status
  • Rating

2. Save your changes.

Additional Settings

Display Settings

The following store settings can be found in Store Settings under the Display tab.

  • Product Reviews Per Page — How many reviews show on a product page. If there are more reviews than this number, Previous and Next navigation buttons will appear.
  • Auto Approve Reviews? — New reviews will be approved and displayed automatically.

Throttling Reviews

To limit how many reviews are placed on your site within a given time frame, you can enable the review throttler and edit its threshold. This can decrease the number of potential spam reviews placed on your store if you chose not to limit reviews to verified customers under SettingsComments.

1. Go to Store Settings and click on the Miscellaneous tab.

2. Scroll to the Throttler section at the bottom of the page.

3. Check the Enable Throttler box to enable the throttler, then enter your preferred review throttle settings below.

Product Review Throttler


Product Review Email Settings

Product review emails are invitations to your customers to review the product(s) they purchased from you. This email is automatically sent after a certain number of days after the order is marked as Shipped or Completed, and includes links to the product pages of the items they purchased.

To disable review emails or to change how long after the order's status change the email is sent out, use the following steps.

1. Go to Store Setup › Store Settings and click on the Miscellaneous tab.

2. Next to Product Review Emails, uncheck Product Email Reviews to disable reviews, or change the number to how many days after the order is completed the email should be sent.

Product Review Emails setting

Customizing the Product Review Email

To customize this email, you can edit product_review_email.html under Storefront Email Templates.

You will see multiple variables in the email template. Any of these can be changed or removed, but we recommend that you keep %%SNIPPET_ProductReviewItems%% (this will show the products that were ordered) and %%LNG_ProductReviewEmailUnsubscribe%% (this will allow for your customers to unsubscribe from review email reminders). To directly edit how the items are shown, open the Snippets folder and edit ProductReviewItem.html. For more information on editing email templates, see Customizing Emails.


Product Review Email Preview

This is the default product review email. If you've customized our product review email template, the resulting email may not necessarily look like this.

Subject: Invitation to Review Products You've Recently Purchased

Thanks for your recent order with us!

If you have a few minutes, we'd like to invite you to review the products you ordered. Just click on the link below to write a review and share your opinion with other shoppers.

[Product Name] - Review this product
Thanks in advance for taking the time to review the products you purchased!

[Your Store's Name]

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Unsubscribe from future emails like this



Are reviewers automatically notified when their review is approved?

No. Reviewers email addresses are available under ProductsProduct Reviews.

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