Using the App Marketplace

Apps are integrations that can be used to extend BigCommerce's functionality. They can give you extra analytics, integrate with other platforms, help you run marketing, and a host of other features. Although many apps are paid, there are several free apps as well.

The Apps Marketplace is the area inside your control panel where you can browse or search for apps that can be installed with a single click.

Only the Store Owner user role can install, uninstall or review apps. Once installed, some apps allow the Store Owner to allow access to use the app to other user roles who are not the Store Owner.

Browsing and Searching Apps

You can browse apps by category, filter by price, sort by newest/most popular, or search for the app by name or description.

Sort and search apps

You can also view which apps are recommended based on your plan under the Collections area on the left.

Collections - Enterprise recommended apps

To browse the apps by category, take a look at the Category panel on the left. Click a category to see the subcategory dropdowns. Choose between:

  • Get more traffic (advertising, social media, selling on other channels like eBay, Etsy or Google Shopping)
  • Improve conversion (live chat, mobile apps, reviews)
  • Run your store (accounting, shipping, POS, order management and fulfillment)
  • Understand your customers (analytics, customer feedback, split testing)


Some of our apps are labeled Big Labs. These apps are created by BigCommerce employees and are free to use. While these apps are created by our employees, they are not supported by our Technical support team. 

Installing an App

Installing an App

1. To install an app, go to the App Marketplace (AppsMarketplace).

2. Click on the app you want to install. You may want to browse or search for the app you have in mind.

3. Click Install on the pop-up page that appears. You can also take a moment to read about the app, check out some screenshots, or read some reviews.

Note: Some older apps may show I want this app, then redirect you to the app page.

4. Click Confirm on the next page.

5. Depending on the app, you may need to fill out a form or connect an existing account.

6. After the installation is complete, you can view the app under Apps in your control panel!

Uninstalling an App

Uninstall an app

1. Go to AppsMarketplace, and select My Apps from the top-right corner.

2. Click the gear icon next to the name of your app, and select Uninstall.

3. A pop-up will ask you to confirm that you want to uninstall the app. Click OK.

4. The app will be removed from the My Apps section of the App Marketplace and the Apps bar in your control panel.


Having trouble with an app? The best way to resolve the issue is to go to the original app developer and contact them. The app developer is responsible for technical and billing support for their product. BigCommerce Technical support cannot access apps installed on your store in order to effectively troubleshoot issues.

Rating and Reviewing Apps

Help out your fellow merchants by rating and reviewing apps that you've tried. Note that an app must be currently installed in order for you to leave a review or rating.

1. Go to AppsMarketplace, and select My Apps from the top-right corner.

2. Click the picture of the app you wish to review.

3. Select the Reviews tab in the gray area (next to Description and Screenshots), then click Create review.

4. Select a rating, then fill out the review form. Click Submit when finished. You can go back to edit your rating and review at any time.

Review Apps

Additional Resources

Need suggestions for which app to use or need help with installation? Check out our Apps & Integrations section in the BigCommerce Community Answers

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