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User Roles and Permissions

A single store can have multiple users that can log in to assist with the day to day functions of managing a store or for a specific role. To protect the private information of the Store Owner user, it is recommended that other users that need to access the control panel of the store have limited access. On BigCommerce, there are a few pre-made sets of user roles or you can select the permissions you want to grant. The Store Owner or a System Admin can create/delete users and grant permissions from Account SettingsUsers.

See Users for more information about creating and removing users.


User Roles

A user role is a built-in collection of user permissions specific to a particular job. They help to optimize efficiency and reduce the risk of human error by enabling you to delegate responsibilities and permissions to certain users only.

  • Sales Staff — permissions generally assigned to the person(s) responsible for the sales and/or marketing of your store
  • Sales Manager — permissions generally assigned to the staff member(s) responsible for processing orders
  • System Admin — administrator role with all permissions enabled.
  • Store Owner — the person financially responsible for the account. Only the Store Owner can install, uninstall, or review apps and view support cases. Once installed, some apps allow the Store Owner to grant access to use the app to other users besides the Store Owner. There is only one Store Owner per store. See Store Owner User Role and Permissions for more information.
  • Custom — a user-created combination of any of the Sales Staff, Sales Manager and System Admin permissions. Permissions for custom user roles can be selected one at a time, or another built-in user role may be selected and edited.


Sales Staff
Manage OrdersCan access View Orders, Search Orders and View Shipments; can access order actions (e.g. print invoice and packing slip). Manage Shipping is also required to create shipments. 
Edit OrdersCan add and edit ordersManage Orders
Add OrdersCan add ordersManage Orders
Manage ReturnsCan add notes, change status of return requests 
Capture FundsCan access Capture Funds from the View Orders screenManage Orders
Refund OrdersCan access Refund from the Order Actions drop-downManage Orders
Manage CustomersCan access View Customers and Search Customers 
Edit CustomersCan edit customer detailsManage Customers
Product ReviewsCan access View Product ReviewsManage Products
Edit ReviewsCan approve, disapprove and edit reviewsProduct Reviews
Delete ReviewsCan delete reviewsProduct Reviews
Approve SelectedNothing 
Manage CouponsCan access View Coupon Codes 
Edit CouponsCan add coupons (switched with Add Coupons)Manage Coupons
Add CouponsCan edit coupons (switched with Edit Coupons)Manage Coupons
Delete CouponsCan delete couponsManage Coupons
Manage DiscountsCan access Cart-Level Discounts 
Edit DiscountsCan edit and sort existing cart-level discountsManage Discounts
Add DiscountsCan create new cart-level discountsManage Discounts
Delete DiscountsCan delete existing cart-level discountsManage Discounts
Manage PagesCan access Storefront Content › Web Pages and can sort web pages 
Create PagesCan create new pagesManage Pages
Edit PagesCan edit existing pagesManage Pages
Delete PagesCan delete existing pagesManage Pages
Manage BannersCan create, edit, delete banners and make visible/invisible  
Manage Gift CertificatesCan see purchased gift certificates and their details. Can change status and delete certificates. 
Use Image ManagerCan use image manager 
Sales Manager
Manage ProductsCan access the View Products page 
Create ProductsCan create new productsManage Products
Edit ProductsCan edit, make featured and hide existing productsManage Products
Delete ProductsCan delete existing productsManage Products
Export ProductsCan export productsManage Products
Product OptionsCan access and add / edit / delete product optionsManage Products
Manage CategoriesCan access the categories page, change sort order and visibility 
Create CategoriesCan create new categoriesManage Categories
Edit CategoriesCan edit existing categoriesManage Categories
Delete CategoriesCan delete existing categoriesManage Categories
Export OrdersCan export orders 
Delete Orders (Restorable)Nothing 
Delete Orders (Permanently)Can delete orders via API 
Restore OrdersCan un-archive orders 
Order MessagesCan send order messagesManage Orders
Add CustomersCan add new customersManage Customers
Delete CustomersCan delete existing customersManage Customers
Manage Customer Store CreditCan adjust customer store creditManage Customers
Edit Customers
Export CustomersCan export customers and newsletter subscribersManage Customers
Manage NewsCan access Storefront Content › Blog 
Google Shopping FeedCan access and export Google Shopping Feed 
Google XML SitemapCan access Google XML Sitemap modal to copy sitemap URL 
Manage BrandsCan view brands in control panel 
Add BrandsCan add new brandsManage Brands
Edit BrandsCan edit existing brandsManage Brands
Delete BrandsCan delete existing brandsManage Brands
Export SubscribersNothing 
Store OverviewCan see Ecommerce analytics Store Overview
Must be enabled to see Store Performance (old analytics) in the dashboard
Product StatisticsCan see Ecommerce analytics Products report 
Abandoned Cart Save AttemptsCan see Ecommerce analytics Abandoned Cart Recovery report 
Order StatisticsCan see Ecommerce analytics Order Statistics report 
Customer StatisticsCan see Ecommerce analytics Customer Statistics report 
Search StatisticsCan see Ecommerce analytics Search Statistics report 
Manage Export TemplatesCan create, copy and edit export templates 
List Products on eBayCan access Sell on eBay settings and list products 
Manage Email Marketing SettingsCan edit settings and add integrations (MailChimp) 
Manage Abandoned Cart NotificationsCan create, edit, delete and copy Abandoned Cart Notification emails 
List Products on FacebookCan upload new Facebook SocialShop banner 
Manage Shopping Comparison SitesCan enable and download feed files for shopping comparison sites 
Manage Google AdwordsCan export Google AdWords CSV 
Manage Yahoo Search MarketingCan export Yahoo Search Marketing CSV 
Store Overview ReportCan see Ecommerce analytics Store Overview (Dashboard)
Must be enabled to see Store Performance in the dashboard
Real Time ReportCan see Ecommerce analytics Real Time report 
Merchandising ReportCan see Ecommerce analytics Merchandising report 
Marketing ReportCan see Ecommerce analytics Marketing report 
Orders ReportCan see Ecommerce analytics Orders report 
Customers ReportCan see Ecommerce analytics Customers report 
Purchase Funnel ReportCan see Ecommerce analytics Purchase Funnel report 
Abandoned Carts ReportCan see Ecommerce analytics Abandoned Carts report 
Insights ReportCan see Insights Reports 
Manage Price ListsCan edit Price Lists 
System Admin
Manage UsersCan access View Users 
Add UsersCan create new usersManage Users
Edit UsersCan edit existing usersManage Users
Delete UsersCan delete existing usersManage Users & Edit Users
Manage Form FieldsCan access and sort Address Fields 
Add Form FieldsCan add new form fields / Must be enabled to show up in settings menu 
Edit Form FieldsCan edit existing form fields 
Delete Form FieldsCan delete existing form fields 
Manage SettingsCan access Store Settings, Checkout, Inventory, Order Notifications, Returns, Gift Wrapping, Conversions, Gift Certificate settings, and 301 Redirects 
Manage PaymentsCan access Payments 
Manage ShippingCan access Shipping Manager and create shipments (Manage Orders is also required to create shipments) 
Manage Tax SettingsCan access Tax 
Import ProductsCan import productsManage Products
Import CustomersCan import customersManage Customers
Import Tracking NumbersCan import tracking numbersManage Orders
Store DesignCan access Design menus within the control panel such as Logo, Carousel, web pages, Script Manager and Footer scripts  
Design ModeCan access Design Mode which allows users to use the Stencil Theme EditorStore Design
Store LogsCan access Store Logs 
Customer GroupsCan create, edit and delete customer groupsManage Customers
Take Store Down for MaintenanceCan put store in maintenance modeManage Settings
301 RedirectsCan add, delete, export and import 301 redirects 
Manage DNS RecordsCan create, edit and delete DNS records 
Manage Email AccountsCan create, edit and delete email accounts 
Customize Order StatusesCan edit the names of order statuses 
Use Script ManagerCan access the Script Manager to manage 3rd party functionality that's added via Apps, developers, or created by other store users 

Single Click Apps

This setting allows the store owner to grant individual users access to third-party Single Click Apps, and makes the app available from that user's control panel. This list only shows installed apps which support the Single Click App multi-user capability. If the list is empty, then no multi-user apps are installed.

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