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If your store sells products that can only be purchased if the customer is over a certain age, it becomes necessary to gate these products until the age can be verified. Different products have different requirements for verifying the age of customers and they can even change based on country. BigCommerce offers app solutions for certain products and jurisdictions.


The FDA has issued regulations for stores that sell Vape/eCig related products. The details of the new rules can be found on the FDA site here:

One of the requirements requires that store verify the ID of their customers. BigCommerce currently offers an app solution that addresses the FDA’s age verification requirements.

  • BlueCheck - This app is a single-click install solution that meets the requirements for every state.

  • More app solutions coming soon!


Did you know? BlueCheck does not work with Stencil Themes. If you are using a Stencil Theme and want to use BlueCheck, contact BigCommerce support. They can modify checkout to make it compatible with the app.

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