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Creating a Draft Order

Draft Orders are an excellent way to send a quote or allow customers to pay for a telephone transaction without providing credit card details over the phone.

Draft Orders are created through the manual order process. When a manual order is saved as a draft, a unique cart URL is generated. This URL stores the customer's cart, their shipping details, and contact information for up to 29 days.


Note: If you complete a draft order as a manual order, be sure to delete the draft as the customer will still be able to use the cart URL if it was sent to them.


Creating a Draft Order

Go to OrdersAdd and create a manual order by adding products to the cart and entering the customer's billing and shipping details. When finalizing the order, select Create Draft Order. Then click Save & Create Draft Order.

Create Draft Order option in the Finalize drop-down menu

A draft of the order will be saved, and a unique cart URL will be generated. Draft Order URLs will take customers directly to the storefront cart page with their cart pre-populated and ready for checkout. Cart URLs will not be sent automatically and must be sent via email or through other means to your customers.

Example cart URL

When a draft order is paid for, it will be removed from the Draft Order menu and show as a Storefront order in the View Order screen.

Future drafts can be viewed by going to OrdersDraft Orders.


Editing a Draft Order

Since draft orders are not completed until the customer checks out on the storefront, the order information and cart contents can be adjusted to suit the customer's needs.

To edit a Draft Order, go to OrdersDraft Orders. Click the action icon to the right of the draft order you want to edit and select Edit draft order.

Edit draft order option in the Draft Order Action menu

You will be taken to the Edit an Order screen. An order is broken down into four parts:

Edit an Order screen

  1. Customer Info — the customer's billing information including their email address
  2. Items — the cart contents
  3. Shipping — the customer's shipping information
  4. Finalize — the order summary and the area where a discount, coupon or gift certificate can be entered

Customer Info

The Customer Info section is where you can make changes to the email address or billing information. If the order was created for a new customer, the Order for will be set to New Customer. If the order was created for an existing customer, Order for will be set to Keep existing customer details. When editing an existing customers order, keep the default setting to ensure the changes are saved to the correct account.

Editing a Guest Order

Example of a guest order

Editing an order for an existing customer

Example of a order created for an existing customer

You can save the changes to the customer's address book via the Save to customer's address book check box located at the bottom of the page.

Save address checkbox


The Items section is where you can make adjustments to the cart contents of the order. Use the Action menu to Customize, Copy, or Delete items already in the cart.

Item action menu

If you need to add items, click the Browse Categories button to locate the products you wish to add or use the Search field to search by product name or SKU.

The search field, Browse Categories button and Add a custom product link.

You can also use the Add a custom product link to add an item or service to the order that is not available in your product catalog. For example, you could use this to add a charge or fee for a special delivery.

If you are adding a product with options, a customize window will appear. Options can be selected in the Options tab while the price and quantity can be changed in the Basic Details tab. When you are finished, click Add Item to add the product to the cart.


The Shipping section is where you can make adjustments or correct shipping information. You will be presented with the order's destination, address, and shipping method. When viewing the shipping method, the original choice will be labeled as Use Existing Quote.

Shipping method options with Use Existing Quote selected

If the address needs to be changed, you can select a previously saved address or enter a new one by filling out the address fields. You can opt to add the new address to the customer's address book and can generate a new list of shipping methods by clicking Fetch Shipping Quotes. Additionally, you can add a custom shipping method by using the Custom option.

Fetch Shipping Quotes link

If the order needs to be split, select New Multiple Address to send products to different addresses. Select the product(s) and choose their destination by clicking on the action menu option Select Destination or by clicking Select Destination for Products.

Example of a product being sent to a different address

In the pop up that appears, you can select a previously saved address, enter a new one, opt to save the new address to the customer's address book and can generate a new list of shipping methods. You will need to click Allocate Products to apply any changes.


The Finalize section is where you can review any of the changes you have made so far to the Billing, Shipping or Cart details. If you wish to keep the order as a Draft Order, choose Create Draft Order from the drop-down menu.

Create Draft Order option in the Finalize drop-down menu

Otherwise, select the method of payment and enter the necessary information to save the order as a manual order. If you complete a draft order as a manual order, you will need to manually delete the draft order link as it will still be active for the customer.

Use the Summary section to provide a discount, enter a coupon code or gift certificate and to get a recap of the order totals.

Example of order summary

Use the Comments and Notes section to enter any comments or staff notes about the changes. Comments are visible on invoices while Staff Notes are only visible in the control panel and are not seen by customers.

Comment and Note section

When you are ready to save your changes, click Save & Create Draft Order to keep the order as a draft or click Save & Process Payment if you have chosen to complete the order as a manual order.


Deleting a Draft Order

To delete a Draft Order, go to OrdersDraft Orders. Click the action icon to the right of the draft order you want to delete and select Delete draft order.

Delete draft order selection in the Draft Order action menu



What happens to the cart when an item goes out of stock before the customer has a chance to use the cart URL?

The item will still be in the cart when they visit the cart page. However, they will be notified that the item is out of stock when trying to check out.

Will cart URLs expire?

The URL will be valid for 29 days from time of creation. Customers will not be able to check out once it has expired and it cannot be refreshed by editing the draft. You will need to create a new draft order to generate a new cart URL.

Can a customer use an expired cart URL?

If a customer uses an expired cart URL, they will receive a warning stating that the link is expired or invalid when they visit the cart page.

Can new customers create an account when using a cart URL?

An account is not automatically created when a cart URL is used. However, new customers may still register an account at checkout.

Can I change the expiration time of a Draft Order link?

The expiration time limits cannot be changed at this time.

Are products reserved or removed from stock when a draft order is created?

A product's stock level is only adjusted when the order has completed a storefront checkout.

Are invoices sent automatically when a Draft Order is created?

No. Invoices are only sent when an order has been completed. An invoice will be sent when the customer has completed the order using the unique cart URL.

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