BigCommerce Design Policy

In order to provide the best site design for your online business, BigCommerce offers high quality theme designs and the ability to customize the look of your online store without modifying the code.

The Stencil Command-Line Interface (CLI) provides you the ability to edit the code on themes, allowing for more advanced customization. BigCommerce does not, however, offer assistance with changes made in Stencil CLI, the in browser editor, or anything pasted in the script box. We recommend consulting with one of our BigCommerce Partners or our Community for this design advice.

Design Support

Although the BigCommerce Technical Support Team does not assist with custom design changes or code editing, our BigCommerce Partners may provide that support.

The BigCommerce Community is an outstanding resource for information on how to customize your theme’s design. You can ask questions and receive timely help from other  technically savvy merchants and our Design and Solution Partners. It also provides an excellent place to discuss best practices and get design feedback from peers and design experts.

While the BigCommerce Community contains a wealth of user-generated advice, your situation, configuration or use of BigCommerce themes may vary from that of the individual sharing a solution. BigCommerce does not accept responsibility for or endorse the advice, workarounds or solutions shared in the Community. If you need assistance with a design modification from the Community, please reach out to the user who created the post for further assistance.

For larger projects, we recommend using one of our certified BigCommerce Partners to create a design that works for you. They will support their own design.

Critical Issues

If a change made to your theme prevents customers from completing orders, please reach out to our Technical Support Team. We will work with you to troubleshoot and find the root of the issue. This may require our Support Team to create a backup of your current design and revert the theme to its default state so your store can resume normal operation. This will allow us to further troubleshoot and direct the issue to the right people without interrupting your business. In some cases, troubleshooting may require contacting your theme developer or third party designer.  

If a BigCommerce theme contains a bug, please report it to our Support Team so we can direct it to our Theme Developers. If you are using a third-party theme, please contact the original theme developer.

If you have a suggestion for improving a BigCommerce theme or the theme experience, please post it on our Ideas website for our team to evaluate.

IP Policy

The themes available in the BigCommerce Marketplace are exclusive to BigCommerce stores. When purchasing a theme or utilizing a free theme, you may alter the code to suit your business needs.

The original theme creator retains the rights to the theme. A theme created using a Marketplace theme can NOT be resold in another theme market or privately to another store owner.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in legal action.

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