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Creating Shipments

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When you're ready to ship an item, you can use the Ship Items action from the View Orders screen to:

If you’re using USPS by Endicia to print shipping labels, in addition to all of the above features, you're also able to:

  • select your package type and shipping service
  • add Signature confirmation
  • add Endicia Parcel Insurance by U-PIC and adjust the insured value for a shipment
  • print a shipping label on an 8.5x11 inch paper using a standard office printer or a 4x6 inch label with a DYMO printer

You also have the option to split an order into multiple shipments. You may have to create multiple shipments if a customer is having their order shipped to more than one location or the order is too large for a single shipment and requires multiple packages. Another scenario would be if a particular item in an order is on backorder and must be shipped at a later date.

Ship Items

To create a shipment for a particular order, go to OrdersView, click the + icon to the left of the order, then click Ship Items.

Click the + next to an order to expand it and access the Ship Items button

The Create a shipment screen can be broken down into nine fields.

The Create a Shipment popup

1. Quantity to ship — You can adjust the quantities of each item in the order. If sending multiple shipments, Left to ship on the right displays how much quantity is still needed to completely fulfill the order. If you don’t want to ship a given item in this shipment, set the quantity to 0.

2. Package weight and dimensions — These can be adjusted if your package weight and dimensions are different than what was automatically generated.

3. Shipping to — Confirms the shipping address of the customer. This will be included on the printed shipping label if you’re using USPS by Endicia. It can be revised by editing the order.

4. Packing Slip Notes — A customer-facing note section. This can be used for package instructions or a simple “Thanks for your business!” message.

5. How would you like to ship? — Choose which carrier you’re using for the shipment from this drop-down menu. If you’re using USPS by Endicia, this is a list of package and service combinations that your shipment qualifies for. The next time you create a shipment, this will default to whatever you last set it to.

6. Other Tracking Carrier Options — Type or pick from the list of carriers. If a tracking ID is entered, the shipping status email will include a clickable link from which customers can check the progress of their shipment.

7. Tracking ID — If you’ve created a label with a service other than USPS by Endicia, enter a pre-created Tracking ID here.

8. Shipping Method Description — Displays the shipping method chosen by the customer. This field appears on the packing slip and can be edited to include additional information about the shipping method.

9. Update the order status to Shipped — Change this setting if you don’t want to trigger the Shipped status, which may send a customer a status notification email, depending on your Checkout Settings.

If you use USPS by Endicia to print your shipping labels, you’ll see some additional fields.

Additional options when shipping USPS by Endicia

10. How would you like to ship? — This is a list of package and service combinations that your package qualifies for, and that you’ve enabled in your USPS by Endicia settings. This will default back to the last selected service.

11. Signature confirmation — Select to purchase the Signature confirmation service.

12. Endicia Insurance value — Select to purchase insurance for the shipment. You can adjust the value, if necessary, which will update the insurance quote to the right.

Click Create shipment. You can now print your shipping label if USPS by Endicia is enabled. Otherwise, you will be returned to the View Order screen.

Viewing Shipments

To view all shipments, go to OrdersShipments. Click the + icon to the left of the shipment to expand and view its details. A packing slip can be printed from the Action menu. If a partial shipment was created, then only those items will be displayed in the packing slip.

To view shipments for a particular order, go to OrdersView, click the + icon to the left of the order, then click the Shipment Number in the order column on the right. From here, you can reprint your label, if necessary.

Click the + next to an order to expand it and see previously created shipments

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