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Using Order Actions

Go to Orders › View and click the Action icon next to an order to see the available actions that can be performed for it.

Click the action icon (...) to the right of an order to see what actions can be performed on it

  • Edit Order — Edit the billing address, cart contents, shipping address, shipping method, payment method and discount charges on an existing order. See Editing an Order.
  • Print Invoice — Print a paper or PDF invoice containing pertinent order information. See Printing an Order Invoice.
  • Print Packing Slip — Print a paper or PDF packing slip containing pertinent shipment information. See Printing Packing Slips
  • Resend Invoice — Send a copy of the invoice to the email address associated with the customer.
  • Send Message — Send an order message to a customer.*
  • View Notes — View and add any Order Comments and Staff Notes about the order. Order Comments are visible on invoices; Staff Notes are only viewable in the control panel, and are not seen by customers.
  • Refund — Allows you to partially or fully refund an order. This action will only appear if the order was placed using a compatible payment gateway.
  • Ship ItemsCreate a shipment which specifies a carrier, service, tracking number and shipping notes.
  • View Shipments — View details, update tracking numbers, and print packing slips for order shipments. This action will only appear if the Ship Items action has been used.

*Send Message will notify the customer by email there is an order message pertaining to their order. The "from" address of this notification email is defined in your Store Profile Settings. Customers can only access store messages by logging into the My Account area of the store. In the control panel, the sender of the order message is the user's email address, unless it's the System Admin user, in which it appears as "admin".

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