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Using Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a great way to convert visitors to shoppers, and can help you reward customers who have signed up for your newsletter or left feedback on your contact page. Coupon codes are different from other promotions like sale pricing and cart-level discounts in that they require shoppers to enter a predetermined code or phrase at checkout. Coupon codes can be more focused than other promotions since they can limit by country and shipping method.

Only one coupon can be used per order. However, it can be combined with discount rules or free shipping promotions. Coupon codes are not case sensitive.

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Managing your coupons

You can manage your coupons from MarketingCoupon Codes.

View coupons

  1. Coupon name — Internal name for your use
  2. Coupon code — the code that the customer should enter at checkout
  3. Discount — amount and type
  4. Expiration date — after this date, the coupon will automatically be disabled
  5. No. Uses — Number of recorded uses
  6. Enabled/Disabled status — click to enable (green checkmark) or disable (red X) the coupon

By clicking the Action icon to the right of the coupon, you will have the following options:

Coupons action menu

  • Edit — edit your coupon settings
  • Copy to Clipboard — copies the coupon code (Internet Explorer only)
  • View Orders — view all orders using that coupon

To permanently delete a coupon code, check the box next to its name, then click the Trash can.

Deleting a coupon


Creating a Coupon Code

1. Go to MarketingCoupon Codes. Your existing and sample coupon codes will be displayed.

2. Click Create a coupon code.

Create coupon code

3. Fill out the coupon code details:

Coupon Name and Code

  • Coupon code — the code entered at checkout e.g. FREESHIPPING
  • Coupon name — the name of the coupon (for reference) e.g. Free Shipping over $50

Coupon Name and Code

Coupon Discount Details

  • Discount type — choose from the options provided
    • Dollar amount off the order total
    • Dollar amount off each item in the order
    • Percentage off each item in the order
    • Dollar amount off the shipping total
    • Free shipping
  • Discount Amount — the percentage or dollar amount to take off (for all discount types except free shipping)

Coupon Discount Details

Coupon Restrictions

  • Minimum Purchase optional — the minimum amount a customer must spend in one order to be able to apply the coupon
  • Number of uses — use this to limit how many types the coupon can be used
    • Limit total number of uses limits how many times a coupon can be used at all in your store
    • Limit number of uses per customer limits how many times a single customer (based on customer ID or email address) can use the coupon

Coupon Restrictions

Coupon Enablement/Expiry

  • Exclude Cart Level Discounts — check this to make sure that this coupon will not apply additional discounts to an order that qualifies for a Cart-Level Discount
  • Enabled — check this for the coupon code to work in your store. Uncheck to keep the coupon settings saved but not enable it.
  • Expiry Date optional — after this date, the coupon will be disabled automatically

Coupon Enablement and Expiration Date


When does the coupon expire? The expiry time is 11:59:59 of the day you enter here based on the timezone set in your store's Date Settings.

4. Select which categories or products to limit your coupon to. If you do not want to limit it, select All Categories from the category list.

  • Limit to specific categories — select This coupon code can be used with these categories
  • Limit to specific products — select This coupon code can be used with these products, then click Add a Product and navigate to your products

Category and product restrictions for coupons

Selecting a category will not automatically select its subcategories. Click the + to expand it and select the subcategories.

5. Choose any advanced settings if desired, then save your changes.


Advanced Settings: Limiting coupons by order location and shipping method

Coupon advanced settings will allow you to restrict the locations and shipping methods that your coupon is used with. For example, you can exclude customers in Hawaii and Alaska from being able to use a "Free Shipping" coupon, or only offer free shipping to clients who select a USPS shipping method.

Click the Advanced tab to view the additional settings.

Advanced tab

Limit by Location

To limit the coupon by country, check the box next to Limit by Location.

Select whether you want to limit the location to one or more countries, states/provinces, or postal/zip codes. Zip codes should be entered on each line, and can use wildcards. This area uses the same formatting as shipping zones.


Using ShipperHQ? The ability to limit a coupon to a shipping area relies on our built-in shipping manager. These features will not work if you are using an app to manage shipping.

Advanced - limit by location

Limit by Shipping Method

To limit your coupon to only certain shipping methods, select those shipping methods from under Limit by Shipping Method.

Limit coupon to specific shipping methods


Using Coupons in an Order

Your customer will have the opportunity to use the coupon when viewing their shopping cart and at checkout, after entering their address and selecting their shipping service.

Coupon area at checkout

To see which (if any) coupon was used in an order, go to OrdersView Orders, and click the plus (+) sign next to an order to view the order details.

Plus sign next to an order

The coupon code will display in the bottom-left corner with the subtotal.

Coupon code in order details

To see all orders used by a particular coupon code, go to MarketingCoupon Codes, then click ActionView Orders next to your coupon.

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