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Invoice emails are automatically sent to your customers when they complete checkout to confirm their order was successfully placed. However, you can also print a physical copy for your records or inclusion in your shipments. BigCommerce uses a default template, but you can customize it to suit your needs.


Default Email Preview

The default email sent to customers always contains the following elements:

Invoice Email Example

  1. Email Header — the header contains a greeting message, usually "Thanks for your Order", the order ID number, and a link to view the order's status
  2. Customer Address — the customer's shipping and billing address for this order
  3. *Payment Instructions — this section only shows up if the shopper selects an Offline Payment Method such as Cash on Delivery, Check or In-Store Payment.The instructions are added when you set up your offline payment method found under Store Setup › Payments
  4. Cart Contents — The name, quantity, and price of the products purchased are listed. A breakdown of the charges and the payment method are listed in this area

The text, colors, and layout can be adjusted. See our Customization instructions below.


Printing a Single Invoice

1. Go to Orders › View.

2. Click the action icon to the right of the order you want to print an invoice for, then select Print Invoice.

Select Print Invoice from the action dropdown to the right of an order

3. Your browser’s print dialog box will appear. Adjust any settings, then print your invoice.


Printing Invoices in Bulk

1. From the View Orders screen, check the box to the left of all orders you want to print an invoice for.

2. Select Print Invoices for Selected from the Choose an action dropdown menu.

Check the orders you want to delete, click Print Invoices for Select, then click Confirm

3. Click Confirm. When your browser’s print dialog box appears, adjust any settings you deem appropriate, then print your invoices.


Customizing the Invoice Email

The default template can be adjusted by going to invoice_email.html under Storefront › Email Templates and adjusting with the WYSIWYG Editor. It will look like this by default: 

WYSIWYG Invoice Template

From here you can enter text, change the color or fonts of text, rearrange items and more.

Anything with the %%LNG prefix can be removed and replaced with your own text. For example, you can delete the line %%LNG_ThanksForYourOrder%% and type in "Thank you for shopping with us". See Using the WYSIWYG Editor for more information.


Do not remove Global variables. Anything with the prefix %%Global or %%SNIPPET pulls information that is essential for the email such as Cart Items and payment information. It is recommended that these are not removed from the email.

Customizing the 'Thanks for Your Order' Text

By default your customers' invoice emails have a "Thanks for your order!" message included along the top. If you do not change anything, the invoice emails have a burnt orange message that reads "Thanks for your order".  Adding your own message can make it sound more personalized and match the branding of your store.

For more ways to add branding and personalization to your emails, see Customizing Emails .

1. Go to Storefront › Email Templates.

2. Click ActionEdit to the right of invoice_email.html.

3. Delete %%LNG_ThanksForYourOrder%%. and replace it with your custom message.

The Thanks for your order variable.

You can change its format and colors it using the buttons at the top of the WYSIWYG Editor.

New Messaging

4. Save your changes to apply it to your store's invoice emails.

Adding customer email addresses

By default, the customer's email address is not included in the body of the invoice email. The steps below will walk through how to add the customer's email address into the body of the invoice email.

1. Click the Edit HTML Source button on the second row of the editor.

Edit HTML button

2. Delete the following code:

Code to delete

3. Copy and paste the following code in its place:

<div style="%%GLOBAL_HideShippingEmail%%">%%LNG_Email%%: %%GLOBAL_ShippingEmail%%</div>
<h3 style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 18px;">%%LNG_BillingAddress%%</h3>
<div style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 12px;">%%GLOBAL_BillingAddress%%</div>
<div style="%%GLOBAL_HideBillingEmail%%">%%LNG_Email%%: %%GLOBAL_BillingEmail%%</div>


New Code

4. Click Update. The invoice email will now include the user's email address.

Emails in Invoice

Adding your logo to Invoice emails is an easy way to let your shoppers know that this email is from your store.

1. Place your cursor just before %%GLOBAL_NoPaymentTaken%%, then press Enter or Return twice. This will create the space needed to insert your logo.

The %%GLOBAL_NoPaymentTaken%% variable

2. Place your cursor on the empty line at the top of the file, then click the Insert/Edit Image button.

The Insert/Edit Image button

3. Click Browse, then select your logo image from your computer.

The Browse button

4. Click Insert.

The Insert button

You can resize your logo by clicking the image, then clicking and dragging the bottom right handle that appears.

5. Save your changes. Your new emails will now have your logo at the top of the email like the example below.

Sample email with edits



Can I change the subject line of the email?

No. The subject line is hardcoded and can not be changed. To control more aspects of the email, consider using a third-party order fulfillment app.

Do I have to use the default email?

No. The invoice email can be turned off by unchecking the box in the Enable? column. If you do not have another invoicing solution set up, the customer will not receive any notification.

Can it display tax as its own line item in the invoice email?

It is possible by customizing the Invoice email with a Global Variable.

Can I remove the 'Powered by BigCommerce' message from the email?

Yes, instructions for this can be found in Customizing Emails.

Is there a way to preview emails before they are sent to customers?

The only way to preview the invoice email is to create a test order.

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