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Adding Handling Fees to Shipping Quotes

A handling fee is a charge added on top of the product price, taxes, and shipping costs at checkout. 

Typically, merchants charge a handling fee:

  • to help cover the cost of shipping materials (e.g. boxes, tape, labels)
  • to offset costs related to preparing particularly fragile, delicate, or perishable items for shipment
  • to compensate for the time it takes to pick and package an order

In BigCommerce, a handling fee can be applied to an entire shipping zone or a single service (method) within that zone. If orders going to a particular country or region require more time to pack, a handling fee can help offset those costs. Some merchants choose to apply a handling fee to orders using expedited shipping services since those orders tend to need more attention and take priority in the fulfillment process.


Adding or Changing a Handling Fee

1. Go to Store Setup › Shipping.

2. Click Edit next to the zone you want to add a fee to.

Edit button highlighted next to a shipping zone in Shipping Manager

3. Click Edit in the top right.

Edit button highlighted in the top right of the shipping zone details page

4. Click the Handling fee tab.

Handling Fee Type


Handling Fee Settings

Default Handling Fee

Handling Fee settings

  • Do not apply a handling fee to this zone — self-explanatory
  • Apply a single handling fee to all shipping methods in this zone — specify a handling fee to be applied to every method in this zone. When selected, you can specify if you want to use a fixed handling fee for all shipments or use a percentage based on the shipping cost. 
  • I'll specify a handling fee for each of the shipping methods in this zone — specify a handling fee for each individual method in this zone. When selected, a Handling Fee box will appear in the details of each of your active shipping methods.
  • Show handling fee separately in checkout —  leave this box checked to display the handling fee charge as a separate line item in the cart total when checking out. If left unchecked, the handling fee will be summed with the shipping cost. Note that this option will not appear if Do not apply a handling fee to this zone is selected.

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