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Creating & Viewing Support Cases

The BigCommerce Support Contact page allows you to create a new case, see the status of an existing case, review closed cases, leave comments, and upload attachments on open cases. Cases are viewed from the Log in link, and new cases are created from the Create a Case button.

Registering and Logging In

To access your case list and view your cases, to the right of the BigCommerce Support Contact page, click Log in under Case Status.

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If you haven't registered an account yet, you will be asked for your store URL and support PIN. On the next page, your primary email account will be displayed and you'll be asked to enter and confirm a new password. This password does not need to match any of your existing passwords for BigCommerce.

Password requirements:

  • must be at least 8 characters long
  • include a mix of alpha and numeric characters
  • cannot include the word password

Forgot your password? Click Forgot your password? below the sign in area. If the email listed is not your preferred primary email, create a new case with your preferred email address.

Viewing your Case List

Once logged in, you will be able to toggle between viewing your open cases (under My Open Cases) and closed cases (My Closed Cases).

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Where are my other cases? This area only displays your technical support cases. Billing, migrations and other case types are only conducted through email.

Viewing your Case

Click the case number to view details of a particular case.

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Your case details will be at the top of the page.

Fill out the comment box to reply to a case. If you need to include an attachment, click Add Attachment and select the file from your computer. Click Submit when finished. Please note that you are only able to comment on active cases. To re-open a closed case, please reply to the original email.

The full comment history can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Creating a New Case

To create a support case, you'll need your store's URL and support PIN.

1. Go to the BigCommerce Support Contact page.

2. Enter a question or topic you need help with then click Continue. Alternatively, if you've already tried searching you can click Skip this step to go directly to the contact methods (see step 4).

Enter a topic of question you need help with then click Continue

3. We'll present related articles and resources that may be able to help. If the suggested resources don't resolve your issue, click Continue to Contact.

Continue to contact button highlighted under suggested articles

4. Click Create a Case.

Create a case button highlighted on the contact methods screen

5. Enter a Subject to briefly describe your issue. In the Description box, you can go into more detail about the specifics of your issue. Including examples, steps to reproduce, articles you've tried looking at, and troubleshooting measures you've already tried helps our support team to get your issue resolved faster.

Specify the type of issue with the Issue type selector. Optionally, you can choose a file (like a screenshot or CSV import file) from your computer to include with your case.

Finally, include your Contact information. We'll use it to relay any updates or follow-up questions about your case.

Create a case form showing necessary fields

6. After you've completed all fields, click Create Case.

7. Once your case is created, you'll be forwarded to a confirmation screen showing your newly created case number and your contact email address. You can reference this case number when following up on an open case.

You'll also receive an email from BigCommerce Support letting you know we've opened a new support case for you.

A confirmation message will appear with your newly created case number and contact email address

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