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Passing Order Data to Affiliate Programs

If you need to pass order information to an affiliate or third-party program such as Google Analytics or Facebook Ads, they will provide you with a conversion tracking code. This tracking code will be a snippet of HTML or JavaScript and may look something like this:

Example Conversion Tracking Code

Affiliate tracking codes contain placeholders to pass order information, such as the order's total and order ID, back to the affiliate tracking program. When someone places an order, the placeholders are replaced with the corresponding order details.

Conversion Tracking Code

To insert a conversion tracking code, do the following:

1. Go to Advanced SettingsAffiliate Conversion Tracking.

2. Paste your code in the Conversion Tracking Code area.

Tracking Code box on the Conversions page


What if I need multiple conversion codes? You can have more than one code in the Conversion Tracking Code area. Be sure to paste any new code above or below any existing codes to ensure they don't interfere with each other.

3. Locate the placeholders in your conversion code and replace them with the corresponding variables below. You need at least one variable or you will not be able to save the conversion code. For example:

Replacing variables demonstration

4. Save your changes.

Tracking Code Variables

Use at least one of the tracking code variables below. At this time, these are the only variables available for conversion tracking.

  • %%ORDER_AMOUNT%% - The order total in dollars/cents
  • %%ORDER_AMOUNT_IN_CENTS%% - The order total in cents
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL%% - The order subtotal in dollars/cents
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_IN_CENTS%% - The order subtotal in cents
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_DISCOUNTED%% - The order subtotal in dollars/cents, minus coupons and other discounts
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_DISCOUNTED_IN_CENTS%% - The order subtotal in cents, minus coupons and other discounts
  • %%ORDER_ID%% - The order ID
  • %%ORDER_EMAIL%% - The customer's e-mail address

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