Printing Shipping Labels with USPS by Endicia

We've integrated with USPS by Endicia to give you the option to print USPS shipping labels directly from within the BigCommerce control panel.



How do I create a free account? You'll get the option to choose a free or paid account during the creation process.

Setting up an Endicia Account

1. Go to Store SetupShipping. Scroll down to the Shipping Labels section and click Set up next to USPS.

USPS Endicia set up button

2. In the pop-up that appears, click Connect it here if you already have an Endicia account. Otherwise, fill out the account creation form.

Endicia sign up form

Printing and Reprinting Labels

Create the shipment and choose the USPS package and service combinations that your shipment qualifies for. Then, click Create shipment, proceed to print to continue.


Be careful! Double check the shipment to ensure everything is correct. Once the label has been created, it cannot be adjusted.

Shipment Window

1. Shipment summary — An overview of the information from the previous screen including the items included in this shipment, its weight, dimensions, and shipping address.

2. Shipping Label — You can choose a horizontal, 8.5” x 11” letter sized document, which is better suited for normal printers. Additionally, you can choose a vertical 4” x 6” format, which is better suited for dedicated label printers such as a DYMO or Zebra printer.

3. Line item shipping costs — If you’ve purchased Signature Confirmation or Endicia Insurance, you’ll see how they contribute to the total postage cost.

4. Postage Balance — This displays your current Endicia postage balance. Use the Add Funds Now button to add additional funds. Adding funds will charge whatever payment method you have set up in your Endicia account.

5. Print packing slip / Print Label — These will trigger your browser’s print dialog. Once the label is printed, a Marked as Shipped button appears for you to update the order status, and return to the View Orders screen. Additionally, a tracking number will be generated in the shipping label and automatically sent when the order status is marked as shipped.


Need to print labels in batch? If you need to print USPS labels in batch or print labels for other carriers, we recommend using our integration with ShipStation.

Reprinting Labels

1. Go to OrdersView. Click the + icon to the left of an order to expand its details.

2. Click the shipment number in the order column on the right.

Expanded order showing the shipment number.

3. Click Print Postage Label

Print postage label button

4. Click Reprint Label.

Reprint label button in the Print Shipping Label screen


You can also access this page by going to OrdersShipments, then clicking ActionPrint Postage Label for the shipment you want to reprint a label for.

Refunding Postage

After refunding a shipping label with Endicia, the order status will remain Shipped or Completed.

1. Go to OrdersView. Click the + icon to the left of the order you are going to refund shipping charges for.

2. In the order column on the right, click on the shipment number of the shipment to be refunded.

Expanded order showing shipment number

3. Click Print Postage Label.

Print postage label button

4. Click Refund.

Refund label button in the the Print Shipping Label screen

Manually adding a new tracking number after refunding a label

You will first need to delete the existing shipment. Then, create a new shipment which will trigger a new email that will include a clickable link.

1. Delete the existing shipment

  • Take note of the Shipment ID (the Shipment #).

    Shipment number

  • Go to OrdersShipments.
  • Locate the shipment. Check the box to the left of the shipment, then click the Trash Can button.

    Deleting a shipment

2. Create a new shipment and trigger the tracking link email.

  • Change the status of the order (Awaiting Shipment or Awaiting Fulfillment are good choices).
  • Create a new shipment from the Ship Items button in the order details or the Ship Items link in the action menu.

    Ship Items button

  • Enter a tracking number when creating the shipment.

    Tracking ID field

  • Check Update the order status to Shipped, and notify the customer via email after entering all shipping details. Click Create shipment when finished.

    Update order status checkbox


Q: Can I change the quantity of each item shipped in the order?

  • Yes, but the quantity may not exceed the amount selected by the customer. See Editing an Order for changing the quantity of an existing order.

Q: Do I need a label printer?

  • No, a dedicated label printer is not necessary to print and use postage labels. You can print a label on a standard desktop printer using regular 8.5” x 11” paper, then tape it to your package. Covering the entire label with packing tape will help protect it during shipping.

Q: What about customs forms for international shipments?

  • Applicable customs forms for international shipments are automatically included on the generated label.

Q: Are there other options to print shipping labels?

  • Yes. Our integration with ShipStation will let you print shipping labels for USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Australia Post, Canada Post, and many more. ShipStation will also let you print labels in batch.

Q: What services are available and are they plan specific?

  • The services are broken down into plans as follows:
    • Endicia Freemium:
      • Priority Mail
      • Priority Mail Express
      • Priority Mail International
      • Priority Mail Express International
      • First Class Package Service
    • Endicia Basic & Advanced:
      • Priority Mail
      • Priority Mail Express
      • Priority Mail International
      • Priority Mail Express International
      • First Class Package Service
      • First Class Mail International
      • Media Mail
      • Parcel Select
      • Library Mail

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