Automatic Tax Calculation with Avalara AvaTax

BigCommerce has integrated with Avalara AvaTax to automatically determine sales tax rates at checkout.  Avalara AvaTax makes setting up and calculating sales tax for your store much easier to manage.

Currently, automatic sales tax calculation is only available to merchants operating inside the United States or Canada. Merchants collecting taxes outside the United States or Canada will need to set up taxes manually.

Set up your Ship From address. In order for automatic tax calculation to quote properly, there needs to be an origin address in Store Setup › Shipping.


Enabling Automatic Sales Tax Calculation with Avalara AvaTax

To get started with automatic sales tax calculation, go to Store Setup › Tax.

1. Click Set as active.

Set as active button

2. If you already have an Avalara AvaTax account, click Edit, then Sign into Avatax.

Sign into Avatax link.

Otherwise, click Update connection, then create one here and fill out the required information.

Update connection button

The address provided will be considered where you have nexus or responsibility to collect sales tax.

Avalara AvaTax account form.


What if I have nexus in more than one state? If you are responsible for collecting sales tax in multiple states, you will need to set up your local jurisdictions on your Avalara AvaTax account. See Assigning Local Tax Jurisdiction below for more details.

3. Once the account is created, the page will show options for changing the Tax Label display and a toggle to enable or disable document submission.

Tax Options

4. At this point, the store is set up for basic automatic tax calculations. To adjust your Automatic Tax Calculation, log into your Avalara AvaTax account to set up local jurisdictions, tax exemptions, and more.


Assigning Local Tax Jurisdiction

If you have nexus in multiple states or local jurisdictions, the additional jurisdictions need to be adjusted from within your Avalara account. To learn more about setting up local jurisdictions, see About Local Jurisdictions on Avalara’s support site.


Assigning an Avalara Product Tax Code to a Product

Avalara product tax codes can be assigned to products one at a time via the control panel, or in bulk via a CSV product import.

1. Go to Products › View.

2. Click on the Product Name to open the Edit a Product page.

3. Enter the code in Avalara Product Tax Code. Click Download Tax Codes to get a full list of all product codes from Avalara’s website.

Avalara Product Tax Code field highlighted in the Add a Product screen

4. Save your changes.


Assigning an Avalara Tax Exempt Category to a Customer

Avalara tax-exempt categories can be assigned to customers one at a time via the control panel, or in bulk via a CSV customer import.

1. Go to Customers › View.

2. Click on a customer’s name to edit their information.

3. For Tax Exempt Category, enter the appropriate customer type letter code or category name. Category names are defined in your Avalara control panel.

Tax-exempt Category highlighted in the Add a Customer screen

4. Save your changes.

Tax Exempt Category Codes

A - Federal government (United States)
B - State government (United States)
C - Tribe / Status Indian / Indian Band (both)
D - Foreign diplomat (both)
E - Charitable or benevolent org (both)
F - Religious or educational org (both)
G - Resale (both)
H - Commercial agricultural production (both)
I - Industrial production / manufacturer (both)
J - Direct pay permit (United States)
K - Direct mail (United States)
L - Other (both)
M - Not Used
N - Local government (United States)
O - Not Used
P - Commercial aquaculture (Canada)
Q - Commercial Fishery (Canada)
R - Non-resident (Canada)


Verifying Tax Rates

You can use Avalara's sales tax rate map to confirm proper tax rates are being calculated for a particular region. If there is any inconsistency between the rate reported at Avalara's calculator and what is reported by your store, please contact our support team for further investigation.



Do I have to pay to use Avalara AvaTax?
  • By default, BigCommerce merchants are set up with a free Avalara AvaTax account. Avalara does offer services you can pay for, but they are not required for basic sales tax calculation.
Where do I find my Company Code?
  • Your company code is created by you. It can be whatever you like, for example, a number, an abbreviation, or an acronym. It is required.
Can I use my AvaTax Account on multiple stores?
  • Yes, on your Avalara AvaTax account, you will add a company. See Add a Company from Avalara's help center for instructions. Once it is set up on your AvaTax account, go to your other store and log in with your Avalara Credentials during Tax setup. A list of your companies will display during the setup, select the company you want to associate with that store. 
Can sales tax be calculated on international transactions through the Avatax integration?
  • Only orders between Canada and the United States will be calculated through Avalara. Customs, duties, taxes, and fees for other international transactions are not currently supported in BigCommerce’s integration with Avatax integration.
Why was a 10% tax rate applied? That is not correct. 
  • A fallback tax rate of 10% happens when there is a failure to connect to the automatic tax calculation service. If there is no shipping origin address set up in the Shipping Manager or the address could not be validated. Check the Shipping Manager and ensure there is a valid address set as a Shipping Origin. Check to see if there are any service performance issues with Avalara's service.
What if my taxes aren’t being calculated correctly?
  • You can check the status of servers that handle tax calculation by going to to see if there are any service performance issues with Avalara's service. If there are no issues with performance, check the following:
    • If the tax rate is not calculating as you expect, login to Avatax and go to Settings to confirm you have selected the correct jurisdictions. If these are all correct, contact Avalara support
    • Compare the tax between your Avatax account and BigCommerce. If these are different, contact BigCommerce support to report it. 

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