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Content Delivery Network

Many online services use a content distribution network (CDN) to deliver photos and other files as fast as possible. This improves site speed, which is a metric used by Google and other search engines as a ranking factor for search results.  

This works by keeping copies of commonly used photos and files simultaneously hosted at several data centers (nodes) around the world.

Those photos and files are delivered by the node closest to the shopper, decreasing the distance they have to travel, thus making the site load faster. In this way, your store loads just as fast in Asia as it does in North America.

Currently, BigCommerce has CDN nodes in London, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We recommend taking advantage of the BigCommerce CDN if you want to customize your store's design. See Referencing Assets in a Theme for proper format and syntax.

Improving Image Load Speed

Sometimes the cause is the shopper's Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a javascript code. It's recommended to use a page load testing site like Pingdom to for further investigation. BigCommerce uses Akamai Image manager to further ensure that images are optimized for best performance. 

See the BigCommerce Community for more discussion on improving page load speed.

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