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Account Dashboard

The BigCommerce Account Dashboard offers some advanced features to store owners, including:

  • Easy logins — The Account Manager uses the same login credentials as your store, so you don't need to keep track of multiple email addresses and passwords.
  • Managing all your stores from one location — You can select which store's account you want to manage from the navigation panel.
  • Automated SSL installation — if you purchase an SSL from BigCommerce, there's no need to copy and paste certificates into your store.

Logging In to Your Account Dashboard

Logging in Directly

1. Go to BigCommerce Account Dashboard login page.

2. Log in using your owner user credentials.

If you do not remember these credentials, click the Forgot your password? link below the login form, enter the email address associated with your BigCommerce account, then click Email me reset link.

Logging in through your Control Panel

1. Log in to your store’s control panel as the store owner.

2. Go to Account SettingsAccount Summary. Your Account Dashboard will open in a separate browser tab.

3. You will be taken to the BigCommerce Client Area account overview screen. From here you can view your subscriptions, domains, resources, previous invoices and account details.


Updating Your Account Contact Details

Use these steps to update your Company Name and Primary and Billing account contact email addresses.

1. Click Update account details located in the lower right part of the dashboard, below your email address.

Update account

2. Click Update account details.

Update Account Details button

3. Make your changes, then click Update account.

The Login Email listed here is also used as your store’s control panel login. Updating it will be reflected on all of your BigCommerce accounts.


Changing Your Billing Password

Your Account Dashboard login password is the same password for the Store Owner user role account in your store’s control panel.

1. Log in to your BigCommerce store’s control panel.

2. In the lower left corner of the screen, click your name, then Change password.

Click your name in the lower left to expand the menu and change your password

3. Enter your old password and your new password. Click Update when done.


Transferring Ownership

Whether you're thinking of selling your store or simply changing permissions within your company, you will want to make sure you've covered your bases when transferring store ownership.

There are three main steps to transferring a store:


Updating Your Payment Method / Credit Card

This guide covers the steps for updating your payment method or credit card for your BigCommerce subscription.

Selecting a Payment Method

Whenever possible, BigCommerce strongly encourages payment by ACH, also known as e-check or direct debit. This eliminates the risk of interruptions to your service due to changing or expiring credit card numbers. ACH also has lower processing costs, which enables us to significantly increase investment in the features and services that power your store.

ACH/e-check is available in select countries. For Enterprise clients with a valid US banking account, use of ACH/e-check is required in order to qualify for the cash discount specified in select contracts.

Non-Enterprise clients may also enjoy the benefits of using the ACH/e-check payment method but are not required to do so.

1. Log in to the BigCommerce Account Dashboard using your owner user credentials.

2. Click Update billing details in the account summary box on the right side of the screen, or go to My Account › Payment Details at the top of the screen.

Update billing details

3. Click Update Payment Method.

4. Enter the required payment information, then click Save.

Once saved, your updated payment information will be used starting with the next billing cycle.

Accepted Card Types

The following card types are accepted as either credit or debit cards.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • JCB

While we do also accept prepaid versions of these same card types, we do not recommend their use. Based on your issuing financial institution and country of origin, they may or may not be usable in our system. Additionally, since invoicing is recurring, using a prepaid card is not advisable.

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