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Sell on Facebook

Facebook Shop makes your BigCommerce store’s catalog available on your Facebook business page so users can easily discover your products, share them with friends, and check out right on Facebook. Orders from Facebook are managed from BigCommerce just like storefront orders.

Facebook has over 1 billion active users every month and is the largest social network in the world. Users spend an average of 50 minutes a day using its services. The sheer size of the network — coupled with the level of engagement by its users — makes it an ideal marketplace to promote your products and raise brand awareness.

There is no additional cost from BigCommerce to use Facebook Shop and it's available to all stores that meet the requirements. Facebook Shop and Facebook Marketplace uses Facebook Payments to process payments and charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

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Connecting Your Store

Before you begin...

  • Log in to Facebook.
  • Create a Facebook business page for your store (if you haven't already).
  • Your account must have an admin page role for the Facebook business page.
  • Before submitting your application, your BigCommerce store must be launched and accessible (not Down for Maintenance) so Facebook can review and accept your catalog.

Go to Channel ManagerFacebook. Confirm that your store is using a compatible currency, then click Get Started.

Over the next few screens, you’ll provide details about your business. You’ll need:

  • the Facebook business page you want to connect to your Facebook Shop
  • your business address (physical address)
  • your business email address
  • a list of states you have offices in and the State Tax Registration number for each
  • the shipping options you offer (free shipping, standard, expedited, rush)
  • your return policy (number of days and customer service email address)

To set up Facebook Payments, you’ll need:

  • your SSN (sole proprietor) or EIN (partnership or corporation)
  • your preferred bank account information (routing and account numbers)

Category Mapping

Category information is used for tax calculation, ranking and indexing on Facebook. You’ll need to map each of your BigCommerce categories to its corresponding Facebook product category. Unmapped categories will default to the Default Category.


After you’ve completed mapping your categories, your catalog will begin to be exported to Facebook for approval. This will take some time depending on the number of products you have - you can leave the page and the export will continue to run.

Check the status of the export at any time from the Export tab of the Facebook Channel Manager page. Once the export is complete, this area will also provide a report for any conflicts or errors encountered. You’ll be able to download a CSV file report to help identify which products were affected and how to address them.

The Export tab in the Facebook Channel Manager page showing export progress and error report.

Catalog Review

Facebook will review your catalog to determine if it meets its product criteria and conforms to the Facebook Commerce Product Merchant Agreement.

  • If your application is approved, Channel Manager will show Your Facebook commerce application has been approved, and your products will begin automatically syncing to your new Facebook Shop page.
  • If your application is not approved, Channel Manager will report "Your commerce application has been rejected by Facebook. You may update the information below and submit the application again." Review Facebook's policies to ensure your store or products meet all the necessary criteria.
  • Merchants are typically notified of approval within 48 hours of application submission.

Once approved, the initial product export process can take up to 24 hours to complete, but you will begin to see products appear on Facebook within 1-2 hours. The amount of time it takes to complete the export depends on the size of your store and the amount of traffic Facebook is experiencing at the time. We will send you an email once all products have been exported. You will also receive a Facebook notification stating that a Shop Now Button has been added to your page.


Did you know? You can use the same catalog powering your Facebook Shop to set up highly targeted ads within Facebook. See Facebook Ads for more information and setup instructions.

Shop Visibility

After the catalog export is complete, the new Shop section of your Facebook page will automatically be published and visible. You can set your shop to Hidden at any time. When Hidden, your shop will exist in an unpublished state and is only accessible and visible to page admins. This gives you an opportunity to make any changes before promoting it with the world (see Managing and Listing Your Products below).

To access your shop's visibility, go to Channel ManagerFacebook.

Facebook Shop visibility setting


Managing and Listing Your Products

  • Products marked “visible” in your BigCommerce store will automatically show up on your Facebook Shop page. This includes both existing products from when you initially connected your store, and new products created after.
  • Products marked “not visible” are also sent, but are marked as "hidden", and will not show to visitors. Page admins can still see and edit these products.
  • New products are exported, and updates to existing products are synced automatically — typically within a few minutes.


  • Products on Facebook are organized into collections, which are similar to BigCommerce categories. Collections are top-level only (i.e. sub/child categories are not represented in Facebook Shop).
  • A collection is automatically created for each of your top-level categories in BigCommerce when you connect your store.
  • New custom collections can be created, and existing collections can be edited in Facebook. You can control the visibility of each collection, and sort the order of products that appear in them.
The Featured collection and a regular collection on a Facebook Shop page

To access or create a collection in Facebook:

1. Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to your Page. Click on Publishing Tools, then Shop.

2. Click Collections. Create a new collection by clicking Add Collection in the top-right.

3. Name your collection, then click Add Products to select which products to include.

4. After selecting products, click Save. Then click Save in the top-right of the Create Collection screen. 


Checking Orders

Checking Orders from Facebook Shop

  • Orders generated from Facebook Shop visits will be listed with a Facebook logo in the View Orders section of your store.
    • Orders from Facebook appear as guest orders (Guest shows next to the customer name in the Customer column).
    • Customers who use your storefront to check out can optionally create a customer account.
  • You can use the Orders from Facebook Custom View to see only your Facebook Shop orders.
  • Orders from Facebook can also be selected as an Order Type when searching orders.

Facebook Insights

Use Facebook's Insights feature to understand which products customers are viewing and engaging with in your Shop. To view your Shop Insights, click Settings in the upper right of your Facebook page, then click Shop in the left navigation. From here you can view data for the past day, week, month, or a custom date range. Views track total impressions on product details. Clicks track total clicks to "Check Out on Website".

Google Analytics

Look for these URLs if you use Google Analytics, and want to track click-through referrals from your Facebook Shop page.

Mobile Appfb://commerce/shop/<page_id>

Did you know? You can use Facebook's Ad Targeting feature to segment your audience by location, behavior, demographics, and more.




  • Your products must be approved by Facebook.
  • Must be a physical product (not downloadable)
  • Must have an image
  • Must have a description
  • Must not have a price of $0.00
  • Must not have a price longer than 9 digits
  • Must not have a product description in ALL CAPS
  • Must not be restricted by Facebook policies
  • Product options must be required.
  • Product variants must have a SKU.
  • Text field options and file upload field options are not supported by Facebook Shop. All other option types are supported.
  • Custom Fields are not supported by Facebook Shop.
  • Maximum 25,000 products (including variants)
  • Inventory tracking is not required. However, if tracking inventory, the product's stock must be greater than 0 to be purchasable.

Currency Support

To use Facebook Shop, your store's default currency must be included in Facebook's list of supported currencies.


Facebook Marketplace (Early Access)

Facebook Marketplace is a product feed on Facebook that shows users products they might be interested in based on their existing user data. Buyers check out directly on Facebook, and order and inventory data is sent to your BigCommerce control panel.

Marketplace provides a new way for your products to be discovered by audiences with relevant interests. There’s no additional cost to list your products in Facebook Marketplace.

If you have set up Facebook Shop already, you can enable Marketplace by going to Channel ManagerFacebook and clicking Yes, enable the feature on the Facebook Marketplace banner. Note that if you've made any changes to your products directly on Facebook, you'll want to make sure those details are copied to your BigCommerce catalog before proceeding.

Yes, enable the feature button highlighted in the Marketplace banner on the Facebook Channel Manager page

To request early access, go to our Facebook Marketplace landing page and click Get Updates.


  • Facebook Shop must be set up (see above).
  • Currently, only size and color variants are supported.
  • Early access approval priority will be given to direct and authorized resellers in these categories:
    • Beauty (Women's)
    • Apparel (Men & Women)
    • Bags & Luggage
    • Accessories
    • Baby & Kids
    • Home Furnishings

Warning: If you're an early access merchant, reach out to your Marketplace Early Access point of contact before attempting to disconnect or reconnect the Facebook channel using the Disconnect Channel button. If you have historical Facebook Pixel data or Instagram tagging associated with your catalog, it could be lost if you try to manually disconnect/reconnect.

See Facebook Help for more info:


Removing SocialShop

If you have our previous Facebook integration, SocialShop, installed on your Facebook business page, you should remove it once Facebook Shop has been installed.

1. Log in to your Facebook account, and navigate to the Facebook page with SocialShop installed.

2. Click Settings in the top-right of the screen. There should be a Shop section that allows you to manage the page.


Troubleshooting | Products Failed to Export

Channel Manager Report

Once the initial setup for Facebook is complete, products that failed to export are reported in a CSV file in Channel Manager. This is helpful to determine which specific products failed to export and why. Once corrections are saved to the products that failed to export, they will automatically begin syncing to your Facebook Shop page.

Example CSV data of products that failed to export to Facebook Shop
Sample CSV of products that failed to export to Facebook Shop

Store Logs

Following the initial product sync, your Store Logs will report any new or updated products that fail to export or sync and will provide reasons why they were rejected.

Example Store Log event of a product added after the initial product sync failing to export
Example of a product failing to sync / export to Facebook Shop in the store's System Logs.



Is there any additional cost or extra fee for enabling Facebook Shop for my BigCommerce store?

No. However, sales generated through Facebook Shop and other built-in BigCommerce integrations are counted in your store's GMV/sales. Increased sales/revenue could result in your store being automatically upgraded, depending on your current plan. See BigCommerce Pricing for more information.

Is my personal Facebook account shared?

No. Even though you may use your personal Facebook account to create your business page, your personal account identity and information is not publicly shared or shown on the page.

What happens when a product's stock reaches zero / runs out?

Out of stock products will continue to sync to Facebook as long as they are marked "visible". The products will continue to show on Facebook but will not be purchasable.

Do hidden categories / products in hidden categories export / sync?

Products that are in hidden categories, and the hidden categories themselves are still "visible" in Facebook Shop and will export/sync. These categories/collections can be marked as "Unpublished" in your Facebook Shop settings.

On your Facebook business page, go to Publishing Tools > Shop > Collections to hide entire collections/BigCommerce categories from Facebook

How do I tag products in photos and videos?

  • Tag a product in a photo:

    1. Open your post and hover over the photo.
    2. Click the Tag Products icon.
    3. Click the product you want to tag and start typing in the product's name.
    4. Choose the full product name of the product you want to tag when it appears.
    5. Click Done Tagging.
  • Tag a product in a video:

    1. Upload your video.
    2. Click the Tag Products icon.
    3. Enter the names of the products featured in your video.
    4. When you're done, click Publish.

How do I delete a product from a collection on Facebook?

In Facebook, go to your page, then Publishing Tools. Click Collections, check the products you want to delete, then select Delete From Collection from the Actions list. The product will remain visible in your BigCommerce store but will not appear on Facebook. See Facebook support for more information.

How do I move the "Shop" section on my Page?

From your page, go to SettingsTemplates and Tabs.

Settings and Templates and Tabs highlighted on a Facebook business settings page

On the right, under Tabs, drag and drop your Shop tab where you would like it to appear.

How do I hide the "Shop" section on my Page?

From your page, go to SettingsTemplates and Tabs.

On the right, under Tabs, click Settings next to Shop. Set Show Shop tab to OFF. Save your changes.

Note: If you have enabled Use default tabs, your Shop tab could become disabled. To add it back, click Add a Tab and click Add tab next to Shop.

Can I change which Facebook Page my Shop appears on?

Yes. Go to Channel ManagerFacebook and select which page you want your Shop to appear on under Facebook Shop Settings.

How do I get more people to visit the shop section on my Page?

  • Share your shop's products on your Page's Timeline or your personal Timeline. This will make them eligible to be seen by people who are already connected with your business and you. To do this:

    1. Click the product you want to share.
    2. Click Share.
    3. Choose where and how you want to share it through the dropdowns at the top.
    4. Optionally, add text to the post to make it more engaging.
    5. Click the Share button at the bottom right.
  • Share your shop link with your customers online and offline. To do this:

    1. Click the shop section on your Page.
    2. Click the gear button.
    3. Click Copy Direct Link.
    4. Share the link with people you want to visit the shop section on your Page.

Can I tag my Facebook Shop products in my Instagram photos?

Yes. See Sell on Instagram for more information.

Can shoppers on Facebook use my store's coupon codes?

No, Facebook's checkout doesn't support this.

Can shoppers on Facebook check out with multiple products?

No. Facebook does not have a "cart" to hold multiple products. However, the quantity of a single product can be adjusted.

How do I disconnect Facebook Shop from BigCommerce?

Disconnecting your Facebook account from BigCommerce will clear your Facebook Shop settings. Any product you add or create in BigCommerce will no longer export to your Facebook catalog, and your catalog will be removed from Facebook. You may always reconnect the channel in the future.

Follow these steps before revoking any app permissions in your Facebook account.

1. Go to Channel Manager.

2. Click Edit Settings next to Facebook.

3. Click Disconnect Channel, then click Yes to confirm.

How do I remove the Shop section from my Facebook page? (I've cancelled my BigCommerce store or no longer have access to it.)

Go to your Facebook Shop page, then go to Settings. Click Edit Page, then scroll down and select Settings next to Shop. Set Show Shop tab to off.

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