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Managing Brands

Creating and Managing Brands

1. Go to Products Brands.

  • To create a brand, click Add a Brand.
  • To edit a brand, click its name or click the Action iconEdit.
  • To delete a brand, click the checkbox to its left, then the Trash icon.

Adding a Brand

1. After clicking Add a Brand, you will be brought to the Brand Details page. Enter your brands one per line.

2. Save your changes.

You can also add a brand on your product page under the Other Details tab.

Editing a Brand

1. After clicking the name of your brand, you will be brought to the Edit Brand page. You will see the brand detail fields. Learn more about meta data settings.

  • Brand Name
  • Page Title
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Description
  • Search Keywords
  • Brand Image — shows up on the All Brands page

Currently, brand URLs cannot be changed.

Applying a Brand to Your Product

1. Go to ProductsView and add or edit your product.

2. On the Edit a Product page, go to the Other Details tab. Scroll down to the Other Details section.

3. Next to Brand Name, select your product's brand from the drop-down list. You can also create a product in the text field beside it.

4. Save your changes.

Showing/Hiding Brands on Product Pages

You can set to show or hide product brands in your store's product Display Settings.

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